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There are two types of people in this world; those that know about and use Super Clean and those that haven’t tried it yet. Super Clean products have been around for 40 years and our customers have found all kinds of ways to use them to make their cleaning tasks super easy and super fast. Here’s a list of the top 10 most popular uses.

#1 Engine Degreasing

Super Clean has its roots in the automotive industry and where there are automobiles, there’s grease. Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser is designed to break down that grease and grime on contact and rinse away thoroughly with cold water. You’ll have a clean surface with less scrubbing so you can spend your time optimizing that engine instead of cleaning it!

#2 Concrete and Asphalt

It’s bound to happen; you have visitors to your house and their car leaves an oil stain on the driveway. (Because we know you would NEVER own a car that would do such things!) The best way to remove that eyesore is with Super Clean. Start with the driveway as cool as possible (we recommend the morning) and wet it down with the hose. Spray some Super Clean on the spot and allow it to sit for a few minutes. You may also want to agitate with a garage broom to really get down into the grooves. Rinse it thoroughly with cold water. The spot will be gone super easy and super fast! Full disclosure: You may end up having to clean the whole driveway as Super Clean works THAT well! Don’t worry – you can use Super Clean in a pressure washer, too.

#3 Laundry

One little-known fact about Super Clean is that it doesn’t contain bleach. That means you can use on your clothes! It will remove everything from oil and grease, to ketchup, mustard and even blood from your favorite clothing item. For small spots, pre-treat with a couple of sprays of Super Clean and either throw it right in the washer or soak in cold water. For larger spots or a load of grease-covered work clothes, add ¼ cup to your laundry soap and wash normally. You’ll be amazed at the power of Super Clean to make your clothes look like new just and, as an added bonus, it will clean your washing machine, too!

#4 Grills and Smokers

Whether you are the king of the grill or the lucky one who gets to clean up after him, Super Clean is a fantastic cleaner for those grills and smokers. Super Clean’s degreasing power cuts through the soot, grease and food particles to make them easy to rinse off and ready for the next meal. Plus, Super Clean is biodegradable so it won’t hurt your grass! No more hauling those grates into the house to clean them. Lay them down in the grass, wet with the garden hose, spray some Super Clean on them and rinse thoroughly with cold water. While they’re drying off, use Super Clean to clean the hood and inside with the same method. When you’re done, replace the grates and fire it up to remove any residual particles you may have missed. Spend your time enjoying your food instead of cleaning with Super Clean!

#5 Bathrooms

Bathrooms are gross. They just are. All the build-up of the residue from your personal care products attract the hair, skin cells and goodness only knows what else, to collect on the surfaces. And that grimy mess is not an easy one to clean – unless you have Super Clean! Super Clean attacks the grease and oils in the build-up to break them up and make them easy to remove quickly and easily. From showers to tubs, toilets, sinks and even the doors and walls. Super Clean will remove the hairspray, too! Save the elbow grease and use Super Clean instead.

#6 Boats

Super Clean’s biodegradable and phosphate-free formula provides the perfect combination of a powerful cleaner while remaining earth-friendly. You can use Super Clean to remove algae scum on the sides, to clean the boat carpet and seats, as well as your live well, gas can, and bilge pump. Not only that, it will also neutralize the smells left behind by algae and fish slime. Your boat will look and feel clean without harming the environment and you’ll be back on the water in no time.

#7 Lawn Furniture

Anyone who has patio or lawn furniture that sits outside for extended periods of time knows that the downfall is that they quickly collect dirt, grime and mold which can seem impossible to remove, especially on those white plastic pieces. Super Clean makes that job easy by doing the work for you. Just spray them down with the hose, apply some Super Clean, scrub the tough spots and rinse thoroughly with water. Grab a drink and kick back while you enjoy the lovely weather.

#8 Carpet and Upholstery

Just like your clothing, Super Clean works great on carpets and upholstery. Did you walk on the brand new carpet with your greasy shoes? Save your marriage with Super Clean. Grab your bottle and spray it directly on the carpet. Give it a minute to do its magic and use a clean, damp cloth to work the grease out of the fibers. Finish with a clean, dry cloth and your spouse will never need to know. It will be our little secret!

#9 RV’s and ATV’s

Your recreation vehicles including campers and tents, as well as your all-terrain vehicles, see a lot of miles and all sorts of weather conditions that leave them dirty, grimy messes. Get them ready for the next trip with Super Clean. In addition to breaking down the dust and dirt, Super Clean will remove those black streaks, the grease marks that get on the carpet from the slide outs, algae and mold from canvas, and traffic film. Don’t drag all of that with you on your travels; leave it behind with Super Clean!

#10 Lawn Mowers and Yard Tools

There’s nothing better than a plush, green lawn but that grass builds up on your mower, blades and stains shoes and clothes. Keep your mower working in optimum condition with Super Clean. Spray Super Clean under by the blades and on the top of the mower to break down all of the dirt, dust and grass so you can rinse it away quickly and easily. Then, when you’re done, take your shoes and any other clothing items with grass stains, and hit them with the Super Clean, too. Either wipe off with a rag or throw them in the laundry for fresh, stain-free clothing without the scrubbing. Super Easy. Super Fast. Super Clean!

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