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For those who crave super power.

SuperClean Cleaner-Degreaser


The Original Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser. Use at full strength for grime, oil and tar. Save money by diluting Super Clean for everyday messes.

SuperClean Foaming Cleaner-Degreaser


This formula creates foam that clings to grime rather than dripping off.

SuperClean All Wheel Cleaner

All Wheel Cleaner

Made specifically for vehicle wheels. Instantly removes road grime, brake dust, tar and more.

SuperClean Aerosol Cleaner-Degreaser


Our new Aerosol cleaner-degreaser can help you clean accurately and conveniently with the touch of a button.

Super Clean dissolves grease and grime on contact.

There’s nothing like the feeling of a newly cleaned car or truck. But there’s so much more you can clean. Super Clean is scientifically formulated to tackle hundreds of tasks in a fraction of the time required by other cleaners.

Big selection for big results.

Super Clean is heavy-duty, biodegradable and available in a huge array of sizes to meet your needs. Make engines, underbodies, small parts, floor mats, wheels, tools, collectables and more look like new.

See Super Clean in action!

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