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TikToker @sincerelybritani loves Super Clean for the stove and mopping the floors. And her husband loves the Super Clean hats. Check out her reaction to the product in her video!


TikToker @ashdacat puts Super Clean to the test in the kitchen. Her stove had left a smoke spot on the ceiling overhang. She put Super Clean to the test and quickly removed the unsightly stain. Check out her results here:


Wheels & Tires

@Wilsonglaze on TikTok is in the detailing business and of course he uses Super Clean. He’s used the degreaser for years but was excited to test out the All Wheel Cleaner on a filthy stock wheel. After a good soak and scrub the results spoke for themselves. Check it out in his video here:



TikTokers @dk_dreamhouse put Super Clean to the test on their hoarder home. They attacked a shelving unit that had been long neglected by the previous owner and was absolutely filthy. Super Clean went to work and removed the nasty grime and dirt. Check out the process on their video here:


Auto Detailing

@refreshmyride is a professional auto detailer. He swears by Super Clean. Check out his review and see what he has to say about Super Clean.


Engines & Engine Bays

@robthemechanic on TikTok knows the ins and outs of grease and grime. His job had him working on an engine that was so filthy he needed to remove it from the bay to clean it. That’s where he put Super Clean to the test. He was blown away by the results. Super  Clean melted away the caked on oil and dirt of a filthy engine. Don’t take our word for it check out the results here:


All Around Auto Detailing

YouTuber @detail_groove has used Super Clean for a long time in many of his videos. Since he loves using it so much he took the time to make a video reviewing Super Clean and explaining why he uses it. Check out his thoughts on why Super Clean is his go-to degreaser.


If that’s not enough, another YouTuber @simply_jan_homestead gave put Super Clean to the test all over her garage and property with great results. Check her video out her:


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