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The temperature drops, the leaves are changing, and once again it’s time to get the boat out of the water and ready for storage. It’s a job any boat owner knows well, and most likely dreads completely. Super Clean is here to make that job much easier. From motors & hulls to canvas and upholstery, Super Clean works hard on grease and grime accumulated from a summer of boating, making lighter work of a heavy job.

Hulls & Trailers

Super Clean works well at removing any residue left behind. Clear Lake Fishing TV channel on YouTube gave Super Clean a try on the hull of his fishing boat, the trailer’s rims and several other spots. He was pleasantly surprised by how much Super Clean removed with just a spray on and wash off approach. Super Clean excels on tough dirt, grease and grime.

Check out Clear Lake Fishing’s results, watch the video here:

Seats & Floors

Seats & floors do not make contact directly with water but pose a difficult cleaning task nonetheless. Boats tough vinyl/leather seats can really accumulate a lot of grime over time. And nothing get’s rid of grime faster than Super Clean. Drake’s Detailing on YouTube has an extremely tough task in a boat neglected for years. As a true detailing pro Drake had his work cut out for him. During the process he resurfaced nearly the entire boat. But when it came to tackling the floors and seats Drake chose Super Clean to tackle the job. Check out his results here:


A boat is only as good as it’s motor and they sure take a beating during a long season of boating. Whether you have an inboard, outboard or inboard/outboard it’s a tough task cleaning up your engine and making sure it’s ready for storage. Super Clean makes it easier to lift tough grease and grime out of the deep nooks and crannies of your typical boat engine. 3 Rivers Fishing Adventure channel on YouTube takes Super Clean to task on his outboard motor on his fishing boat. Check out the results here:

Tanks & Coolers

When you think about boat cleaning, fibeglass, vinyl and metal come to mind. But the dash, coolers, controls and live wells are often hard plastic. Super Clean excels at removing built up grime on plastic. Just spray it on and wash it off, you’ll be amazed at Super Clean’s power. But don’t take our word for it, South Florida Saltwater YouTube channel talks in depth about boat cleaning products and specifically mentions how awesome Super Clean works in coolers and tanks. Watch his results here:

You can also use Super Clean to clean your rods and reels, cork handles, tackle, tackle boxes, watersports toys and more! You’ll get the job done faster and easier with just one product and your gear will be clean. Now get out there and enjoy the water!

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