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Kitchen Cleaning

Everyone knows an oven can collect as much oil and grime as just about anywhere, including the garage. YouTuber @Northern Michigan Biker put Super Clean to work on his conventional oven. Built up grease and grime came off a with wipe and no cleaning mode. For a little kitchen magic during your Spring cleaning, try Super Clean.




Windows Troughs

As the air warms, the windows open and they reveal what winter left behind. YouTuber @mommy_etc put Super Clean to work cleaning up the dirt and grime from winter in her window tracks to great success. Check out the results here.




Car Interior Cleaning

Super Clean was invented to tackle tough auto grease and grime. And while it works inside and outside the house, it’s at home tackling a dirty mess in the car. TikToker @rivercityoutdoors put Super Clean to work on his rubber floor mats in the car revealing clean and shiny mats after Super Clean made quick work of the built up dirt. Check out the results below.



If you haven’t used Super Clean Degreaser and detailer you are absolutely missing out!!! Find it at your local Walmart or auto zone you will not be disappointed!! @Super Clean #degreaser #superclean #supercleandegreaser #interiordetailing #trucker #fyp #fypシ

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All-Purpose Cleaning

Super Clean shines in the garage and around the house…inside and out. TikToker @msdriese put Super Clean to work on her gas range before passing the cleaning baton to her husband to make quick work of grime on the car in the garage. Check out the results. Inside or out Super Clean is the cleaner to help you tackle Spring cleaning.



I found a new #degreaser that cleans the kitchen and parts of my car. It quickly dissolves the grease and it doesn’t have a strong smell! #supercleanteam #cleaningtiktok #cleaningproducts @supercleanteam

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Concrete & Outdoor Surfaces

Super Clean is one of the toughest cleaners on the market. The Daninator put that strength to the test on his oily driveway. You can see Super Clean in action as it lifts the oil and grease off the concrete and allows it to rinse away with the power washer. Watch Super Clean in action below.


Dilution Chart