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Whether you’re a weekend lawn warrior or have a professional lawn care business, there’s no doubt that lawn care is dirty work. It’s important to keep your equipment clean so it’s in the best working condition possible. If you have a professional business, you want to put your best foot forward – a clean machine demonstrates professionalism and an attention to detail. Since time is money, you want to get this job done as quickly, easily and effectively as possible. That’s where Super Clean can help! Most people will rinse their equipment after mowing. Combining it with a few sprays of Super Clean will help remove more dirt, grime and grass faster and easier than water alone.


From push mowers to industrial sized stand-on models, Super Clean will clean them up fast. Our friends at “SG NINJAS LLC” have been fans of Super Clean products since being introduced to them a couple of years ago. They use a variety of equipment in their lawn care business and it all gets super dirty on the job. In this video, they demonstrate how they use Super Clean Foaming spray at a car wash to clean their stand-on mowers. Cleanliness is important to them for their business image, as well as keeping their tools in the best working condition to get the job done. Nick states “I am impressed!” “It really is great stuff!” Check out the results they get from including Super Clean in their regular rinsing.

Still frame of stand-on mower with bottle of super clean

Stand-On Mower

String Trimmer

After mowing the lawn, it’s time to pull out the weed whipper and trim the areas along the house, fences, and trees to finish the job. These tools get incredibly dirty and full of grass stains. Dirt and grime can compromise the performance of your trimmer, making it less effective. You can use Super Clean on these too! It breaks down the dirt and makes it easy to wash away. “Blades of Grass Lawn Care, LLC” on YouTube use Super Clean on their Stihl String Trimmer because “It does a great job and is super, super easy.” In this video, they demonstrate just how easy it is!

Still frame of string trimmers cleaned with Super clean and play button

String Trimmer

Chainsaws and Pole Saws

After cutting the grass, you may need to trim hedges and branches as well. The teeth on the trimmers and saws get gummed up with dirt, grime and saw dust. Cleaning them regularly helps keep the teeth sharp and cutting more accurately. YouTube channel, “ACME Mowing and Lawn Care” was loaned a chainsaw and pole saw from Stihl to try them out. He needed to clean them up before returning them to the company. So he used his Super Clean Foaming spray and they looked like new again. After spraying the Foam on the tools and rinsing them off, there was just a little film of dirt and grime remaining. One swipe of a cloth and it was gone! He also used it on his trimmer that hadn’t been cleaned in about a year. See the results for yourself in this video:

Still frame of trimmer being cleaned with Super Clean and play button


Enclosed Trailers

If you’re transporting your equipment in a trailer, Super Clean will clean the trailer, as well as the equipment inside. Tony from “Tony’s Lawn Care” tried Super Clean on the outside of his trailer with a rag and some water. That was all it took to remove the black streaks from the sides and leave it clean to the touch.

He also tried the Super Clean on the wheels of his Snapper Pro stand-on mower, which he typically doesn’t clean. They were dirty and covered in an orange film from clay and sand. But Super Clean removed all the dirt and grime, as well as the film. “It’s pretty darn clean!”

Tony was also impressed with how well it cleaned the mower deck. He states that it was pretty much sandblasted and Super Clean helped remove a lot of it without having to scrub. See it all here:

Still frame of red mower cleaned with super clean and play button

Standing Mower

The results are clear – from cutting to trimming to transporting your equipment, Super Clean products will help you save time and money. Learn more about our full product line at superclean.com and visit our Store Locator at www.superclean.com/locate-a-store to find the retailer nearest you. Super Easy. Super Fast. Super Clean!

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