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Fall is a season coveted by hunters as a time to hit the fields, marshes and more to see what they can catch. There are all types of different hunting – some more traditional than others. No matter what kind of hunter you are, Super Clean is the product you need to remove dirt and grime, as well as blood, fat and other animal products from your clothes, tools and surfaces. The cleaning possibilities don’t stop there; Super Clean also works on blinds, decoys, stands, calls, vests, camo, boats, ATVs and more!

Magnet Fishing Tool Maintenance

While it’s not your typical type of hunting, magnet fishing is the process of dragging the bottom of a body of water with a high-powered magnet to see what sorts of treasures lie beneath the surface. These treasures can be very interesting and some may even be worth some money. But all of them are typically covered in slime, algae, dirt and grime from the murky bottom. That mess transfers to fishing tools and gloves, and can be difficult to remove. Super Clean is quickly becoming another favorite tool these hunters can use to clean all their equipment and treasures super easy and super fast!

YouTube Vlogger and magnet fisherman, “Snorkel Pirate”, decided to give Super Clean a try on several of his magnet fishing tools. He had already been familiar with Super Clean from using it at his job and on his vehicle but hadn’t thought about using it on his equipment. He cleaned his magnet, gloves and hooks as well as one of the treasures he found. Super Clean had it all looking great in minutes! Check out the video for yourself here:

video still spraying fishing hook with Super Clean

Magnet Fishing Hook


“508 Magnets” is another Vlogger who does magnet fishing and he also put Super Clean to the test. He started with his magnet rope and then moved on to his gloves, shirt and shorts, soaking the items in a bucket of water and Super Clean. He was amazed at the amount of dirt that was left in the water after soaking alone. The clothes then went through his washing machine and he was incredibly impressed that the dirt and even rust stains were removed, leaving the colors and reflective materials bright and clean. Check out his process and results here:

video still of rope soaking in super clean

Magnet Fishing Rope

Cleaning Stations and Knives
Knife Sharpening Stones

Before you begin to clean your catch, you want to make sure your knives are as sharp as possible to make the cuts easier and prevent accidents where you cut something you didn’t intend to (such as yourself.) Many people will use sharpening stones to do this. To be the most effective, the stones should be clean and free of debris.

“Rough Rooster Knife Sharpening” on YouTube, collects these types of stones and has been cleaning them for a long time. He decided to introduce Super Clean to his cleaning arsenal. He tested two different processes; the first was some Original Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser in a large pail with boiling water. While Super Clean normally works best in cold temperatures, he said he prefers to use the hot water to “open the pores” in the stone so the degreaser can get in them to clean. While that sat, he sprayed two of the stones with the Super Clean Aerosol. After letting them sit a while, he went to check his results and was thoroughly impressed with how well Super Clean removed the grime. Both of his methods worked well. See for yourself!

video still of knife sharpening stones laying on plastic with super clean

Knife Sharpening Stones

Cleaning Stations

When you’re ready to clean your catch, you want to make sure your surfaces are clean before you start and you will need to clean it up afterwards. Super Clean will help you get both of those tasks done with ease and without leaving a residue behind.

“Kendall Frederick” made this video showing his cleaning station with table tops, sinks and cutting board before he cleans a snapping turtle. The station was covered in grime but he sprayed all the areas with Super Clean and washed it away. The cleaning station was clean and looking great in minutes and he could get to work on the turtle. Check it out in his video (if you’re squeamish, stop the video after he cleans before he starts on the turtle) here:

video still of man holding super clean bottle next to sink

Cleaning Stations

After you’ve cleaned your catch, Super Clean will also work on your knives, surfaces, and even your clothes to remove all the remnants of blood and fat super easy and super fast.

Degreasing Skulls and Bones

Many hunters like to keep the skulls or bones as a trophy. Getting those items clean is a tedious process that is compounded by the skin and hair attached to them. Part of the process involves removing those pieces and degreasing the skull to make sure all of the unwanted biological material is removed.

“WHITEBONE CREATIONS HUNTING” degreases skulls professionally and decided to give Super Clean a try to see how well it worked. For this video, he used a bison head. He started by soaking the head in Super Clean and water. Normally he lets it sit for 5 days but Super Clean worked so well, he was ready for the next step in two! That cut down his time by over half! He also soaked the tusks with great results. See his whole process here:

video still of man cleaning a skull with super clean

Skull Degreasing


There are so many uses for Super Clean, all of which make cleaning faster, easier to save you time and money. You can spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you love! Let us know how you use Super Clean by sending us an email at marketing@superclean.com.

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