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Most of the country is well into the winter with colder temperatures and snow. Now is a great time to pull those winter toys and tools into a garage to do a thorough cleaning. It’s chilly so use our powerful cleaning products to get the job done super easy and super fast. Less time scrubbing will get you back inside faster. With some help from our friends on YouTube, we have some great tips and tricks here!

Boats, Motors and More

Dreaming of warmer days? There are few things that can beat a day on the water fishing, doing water sports, or just enjoying a day out on the lake. But boats and all their components collect dirt, grease, grime, slime and algae that can take a lot of time and elbow grease to clean. Super Clean’s full line-up of products will make that task faster and easier.

The guys over at “Mission for Fishing” recently took some time to put Super Clean to the test on their boat. Winter weather had already arrived so they had to remove snow prior to cleaning. Once they got the boat indoors, they dove into their Super Clean and went to town! Check out the video here:

Still frame of video of cleaning boat motor with Super Clean

Boat Motor

Boat Hulls

The first thing they did was to use Super Clean’s All Wheel Cleaner on the inside of the hull. It attacked the dirt and grime, as well as several rust spots. They were amazed by how quickly and easily Super Clean broke down the rust stains making them easy enough to remove with a paper towel. Super Clean’s All Wheel Cleaner also works great on the outside of the hull to remove scum lines and algae!

Trailer Wheels and Hubs

For the hubs on their boat trailer wheels, they used the Original Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser. You can see how Super Clean went to work on contact to break down the buildup. It drips off and wipes away easily. They followed up with the rim of the trailer wheel and were “blown away” by how well Super Clean worked. It made it look like new in minutes!

Motors and Oil Changes

Changing the oil on the motor was next which resulted in a small spill on the floor. Super Clean’s new Floor Absorbent to rescue. The easy-to-pour shaker jug made it easy to spread the product on the spill where they allowed it to sit and absorb the oil before sweeping it away.

They also diluted the Original Super Clean to use on their boat carpet. A few quick sprays, a little agitation with a rag and Super Clean also removed those stains super easy and super fast.

Once they were done cleaning the boat was stored away for the winter and will be ready to go once the ice is gone!


If your ATV/UTV is still caked in mud and muck from your last ride but you want to attach your plow blade to remove snow, pull it into the garage and get it clean quickly with Super Clean. This video shows how the guys at “Dalton’s Garage” used Super Clean’s Original Cleaner-Degreaser and All Wheel Cleaner to spray down and rinse their ATV without having to do any scrubbing! It worked super easy and super fast to remove the dirt and grime. If you have a snowmobile that gets muddy and gross, you can use Super Clean on that too! Just pull it indoors, spray with some Super Clean and rinse it off, and you’ll be ready for your next ride in no time.

Still frame of video cleaning ATV with Super Clean


Snow Blowers and Tractors

When it’s cold and snowy, the goal is to get out and back in as quickly as possible when doing snow removal. That often means that the snow blower doesn’t get the maintenance attention it needs to keep running smoothly for snowstorms to come. Keep your snow blower going longer by making sure you do regular maintenance. Professionals recommend you change spark plugs and inspect your parts like the belts, paddles, shave plates, skid shoes and shear pins, as well as change the oil. If these parts have dirt, grease and grime buildup, you can clean them quickly and easily with Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser. A few sprays and rinse is all it takes to breakdown and remove it without a lot of scrubbing.

People are familiar with using Super Clean on their lawn mowers, as “MBG Adventures” does here:

Still frame of video cleaning lawn mower with super clean

Lawn Mower

The same idea works with your snow blower or ride-on tractor. Spray on, rinse off and it’s ready to go!

Super Clean Inside The House

When the winter mess makes its way in the house, clean it up with Super Clean. Use it on the entry way rug that gets salty and muddy to your hats, mittens, gloves and boots. Super Clean makes cleaning faster and easier so you can spend less time cleaning and more time warming up by the fire. Check out our dilution chart to learn how you can customize a cleaning solution for any tough cleaning task!

You can find Super Clean products at your local automotive retailer, Lowe’s, the automotive section at Walmart and Walmart.com. To find the location nearest you, visit our Store Locator.

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