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Clean Your Boat with Super Clean!

Fall is upon us. For many, that means it’s time to start thinking about winter storage. For others, just cleaning up from the heavy summer use. Whatever you’re doing, don’t spend hours scrubbing. Save your time and your elbow by using Super Clean! Boat owners are quickly learning that Super Clean is a powerful cleaner that will remove everything from dirt and grime to grease, algae, and fish slime quickly and easily.

Slime Lines

Our lakes and rivers are filled with all sorts of things that leave a dirty, gross slime line on the boat. This line is a source of frustration for many and can be difficult to remove. Enter Super Clean. To remove this slime line, give the boat a rinse of plain water from the hose – if possible, use a power washer or go to your local car wash to use a hose with a little more power. Then, working in small sections, spray the area with your Super Clean. Allow it to dwell for a minute or two (without drying) then hit it again with the hose. You will see the slime line rinse away.

Super Clean sponsored Pro Angler, Alex Klein uses Super Clean every time he comes off the water to keep his boat slime line-free. Check out his video to see how quickly and easily Super Clean works with just a wipe.

For extreme messes, you may want to gently scrub with a nylon scrub brush or pad before rinsing. Anglers have been amazed by the simple, easy way Super Clean makes this clean up job a breeze compared to how they have been cleaning before. Super Clean will also work on removing this line from trailers and even boat lifts! And since Super Clean is biodegradable and phosphate-free, it’s safe to use in and out of the water without harming the wildlife or vegetation.

Heading to the car wash with your boat? Even better! Bring your bottle of Super Clean with you. As Super Clean sponsored Pro Angler, Brandon Barrett, shows in this video, the power of Super Clean combined with the car wash hose is just what he needs to remove those heavy scum lines. Not only super easy and super fast, but environmentally friendly, too!

Swab the Decks

Boat seats and tables are made from materials meant to hold up to outside conditions and the rough and tough use that passengers put them through. But add in some fishing bait, food and drinks and they get just plain gross. The surfaces become stained and then those stains bake in the sun, making them seemingly impossible to remove. This is a job for Super Clean!

Super Clean sponsored Pro Angler, Vince Hurtado, uses Super Clean in and around his boat to remove everything from dirt and grime to bait remnants and fish smell all with one product. This video shows just how quickly and easily it works!

When the surfaces are as cool as possible (morning is best!), spray the area with water then add Super Clean. Use a nylon scrubber or a micro fiber cloth to rub the stain away. It may take a couple of applications but Super Clean will help remove the dirt, grime and whatever else is there to give you a clean surface. Rinse it thoroughly with water when finished and don’t let the product dry. On vinyl or leather surfaces, you will want to apply a conditioner afterwards to keep the material supple.  Don’t ban food in your boat – use Super Clean!

Bilge Pump

The bilge pump area is one of the most noticeably dirty areas in the boat. With the heat from the motor combined with the grease and oil that inevitably attracts dirt, it’s an area that stands out like a sore thumb in comparison to the rest of the vehicle. This is where Super Clean really shines. As one of the strongest cleaner-degreasers on the market, Super Clean will go to work as soon as you spray it to break down the grease and oil while you watch it drip down the sides. (Protect electronics from over spray.) For really dirty areas, scrub to help loosen the dirt and allow Super Clean to get to the layers beneath, emulsifying the grease and oil as it goes. Rinse thoroughly with water and you’ll be amazed at how fast and easy that was.

Other Outdoor Cleaning

Super Clean is great for all sorts of outdoor cleaning projects! Check out our “Cleaning Up Outside With Super Clean” post for more ideas on how Super Clean can make your outdoor cleanup super easy and super fast!

Where to Buy

Super Clean products are available at your local automotive retailer, Walmart in the Automotive section, or online. Find your closest retailer by visiting our Store Locator at www.superclean.com/locate-a-store.

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