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Longer, warmer days are once again upon us and Spring is in the air. It’s time to rid your vehicle of the excessive residue and debris left behind by Winter. You could walk through the automotive department and find any number of products to clean all the different area. But Super Clean provides a few simple, yet powerful items all designed to make your cleaning super easy and super fast for a multitude of surfaces.


The exterior of your vehicle is the most prominent feature. It’s the part that people see first and the most often. Wheels take the brunt of the winter months with a buildup of salt, road grime, and traffic film leaving them dirty and dull. Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser will help breakdown the dirt and grime on the tires to make it easy to rinse away. Then hit the rims with Super Clean All Wheel Cleaner to bring back that brilliant shine.

YouTube Vlogger, “RickMakes”, shows the process in this video. He shows how this combination of the Degreaser and All Wheel Cleaner gets your wheels clean and looking great again in minutes.

Wheel Cleaning with Super Clean
Wheels – “RickMakes”

Pro Tip: Use Super Clean All Wheel Cleaner on the chrome mirrors, running boards and bumper to remove dirt and grime, as well as water spots! It will also make them sparkle and shine!


“Reema At Home” on YouTube, needed to do an Extreme Clean on her family’s van. She decided to give Super Clean a try. She pulled the mats out onto the driveway and hit them all with Super Clean Aerosol. After letting them sit for a few minutes to allow Super Clean time to penetrate the dirt and grime, she hit them with the hose to rinse. The water ran brown off the mats and rinsed clean, leaving them shiny black. Check out the video here.

Super Clean on Floor Mats
Floor Mats – “Reema At Home”

Super Clean will also work on fabric mats. The fine fibers tend to require a little more scrubbing to loosen and remove the dirt. Professional detailers will often use a scrubbing brush (sometimes with an attachment to electric drill) to work the product in and help remove the dirt faster and more thoroughly. Then rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before placing them back in the vehicle.

Under The Hood

Most people don’t tend to think about cleaning under the hood but automotive enthusiasts know that maintenance engine cleaning helps ensure your car will run better and longer. Oil, grease and grime buildup cause the engine to run hotter which contributes to the wear and tear on parts. This can cause them to need to be replaced more often. Prevent premature aging on your engine by keeping it clean with Super Clean!

“Mohawk Motors” YouTube Channel, made this video showing just how effective Super Clean is on cleaning an engine. He is rebuilding it and wanted to clean the original block before adding his own new parts to it. This video is great because he’s pulled the engine out of the car. It makes it easy to see all the surfaces, nooks and crannies, and how well Super Clean attacks and removes the grime! Check it out here.

Cleaning Engine with Super Clean Aerosol
Engine Block – “Mohawk Motors”

Once the engine is clean, you can also use Super Clean on the underside of the hood to get it all looking show room-new.

Garage and Shop

Cleaning a vehicle and then pulling it in to a dirty garage is counterproductive. It’s also important to keep those floors and surfaces clean to prevent accidents while you’re working in there. Super Clean has a solution for that as well!

“IMJOSHV” on YouTube decided to give his shop a thorough cleaning. He used Super Clean Cleaner Degreaser mixed half and half with water. You can put this mixture in a bucket and apply it as needed with a mop, or use a foam cannon or power washer. Once you’ve applied the mixture, allow it to sit for a few minutes. Then work it in to excessively dirty areas with a stiff brush or garage broom and rinse it clean. See it here and you’ll be amazed at the difference!

Super Clean on Shop Floor
Garage Floor – ” IMJOSHV”

If you have oil, grease, or other fluid spills, start by using Super Clean Floor Absorbent to soak it up. “SVTWRC” on YouTube put the Floor Absorbent to the test in a drip pan. He uses the pan for catching vehicle fluids when he’s changing them. This pan had multiple types of fluids that have gathered over time and needed to be cleaned out. He decided to start by putting a 16 oz cup of Floor Absorbent into the pan to absorb the fluids. He was really impressed with how well it worked. After he emptied it, there was just a little residue remaining. He hit it with the Super Clean Cleaner Degreaser and the pan was clean and ready for another fluid change in minutes. See it for yourself here.  

Super Clean Floor Absorbent in Drip Pan
Floor Absorbent – “SVTWRC”

You can use this same process wherever you have a spill – floors, benches, tables, even inside the house!

Buy It, Mix It, Clean It

Whatever your cleaning needs are, Super Clean has a solution that works super easy and super fast. Find a Super Clean retailer near you by visiting our Store Locator. And don’t forget to download a 50% rebate coupon from the website too! You can try a Super Clean product for a great price.

If you have questions about Super Clean or how to use it, contact our Customer Service Department at customerservice@superclean.com or call us at 651-365-7590, and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

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