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As the leaves bud, the grass turns green, and the dreary winter clouds give way to the bright Spring sun, anglers and boaters see another sign. It’s time to get the boat cleaned and ready for summer fishing and watersports. So grab your power washer, buckets, scrubbers and, of course, Super Clean, to get the job done super easy and super fast!

Fishing Boats

Those that fish, see that their boats get super dirty very quickly. With bringing lines in and out (hopefully with fish on them!), the dirt from bait, fish slime and blood, in addition to normal wear and tear from regular use, keeping the boat clean requires a higher level of cleaning. That’s where Super Clean shines.

YouTube Vlogger, “3 Rivers Fishing Adventures”, cleaned their boat with a pressure washer and Super Clean. First up was the hull and the dreaded scum line, then on to the motor. At the 4:42 mark, they go to work on the carpet. They started with putting down a layer of water and Super Clean, then used a scrubber to work it in. Fast forward to 7:25 after they’ve completed the final rinse and you’ll see the comparison of before and after showing just how well it worked. Watch the video here:

Still of video cleaning boat with super clean

Fishing Boat


Bass Boats

“Fishing_With_BIG-D” from YouTube has a Pelican Bass Boat that he needed to get ready for the season. It sat on a trailer with a tarp on it for the winter, so he started with cleaning the tarp. Some Super Clean and a garden hose with a spray nozzle was all it took to remove the dirt and grime.

Then it was time to tackle the boat itself. It was stored upside down and the bottom was covered in dirt, debris and some nasty water. He decided to hit it with Super Clean Aerosol. He had to do a little scrubbing in some of the nooks and crannies but after that and a quick rinse, it was all good. Once he turned it over, he cleaned the inside using the same process.

To finish the job, he decided to clean and brighten the trailer wheels with Super Clean’s All Wheel Cleaner. Last came the chairs and brackets and reassemble. For such a big job, Super Clean helped him get the entire boat and trailer looking great in a relatively short time! See the process for yourself here:

Still of video showing bottom of duck boat and can of Aerosol

Bass Boats

Mold Removal from Boat Seats

With the regular exposure to water and damp conditions, mold is common on boat seats and other surfaces in boats. “Eddie Carrara” on YouTube had some seats with mold on them and decided to test out how well Super Clean would remove it. He sprayed some Super Clean on the mold and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then he used a microfiber cloth to wipe it away. He was really impressed with the results and how quickly it worked! Later in the video, he does a complete cleaning of the captain’s chair and shows the whole process. It had a lot of mold staining on it to start, but by the end it looks nearly new.

While he was waiting for the captain’s chair, he looked at the boat door. He noticed the mold that appears to be imbedded in the plastic. He was shocked when he sprayed a Magic Eraser with Super Clean and scrubbed it on and Super Clean helped remove that too!

Check out the video to watch his excitement build as he tries it on the different surfaces and is very happy with the results!

Still of video cleaning boat seat

Boat Seats

Larger Boats and Yachts

“Drake’s Detailing” specializes in cleaning larger sport fishing boats and yachts. His clients require him to be thorough and want their boats looking their best, including the engine rooms. We’ve seen many detailers clean automotive engines on cars and trucks, but most people don’t realize that these larger boats have these sizeable engine rooms that also need to be cleaned.

There are additional challenges in these rooms as they have the grease and grime, but also water in all sorts of small spaces that need to be cleaned. Drake started with a mixture of half water and half Super Clean sprayed on a rag to clean all the surfaces. He followed with a second rag wet with water to “rinse”. All of it – the walls, motors, wires, and floors, were cleaned with rags and brushes. He mentions that he may use Super Clean full strength on especially dirty areas.  When he goes to attack the bilge, he removes the standing water first and then sprays the area with Super Clean. He also added some Rust-Aid to remove the orange tinge after the dirt and grime were removed.

It’s a big job but Super Clean helps him get it done faster. See it here:

Still of video cleaning boat bilge

Boat Engine Room

You can also use Super Clean to clean your rods and reels, cork handles, tackle, tackle boxes, watersports toys and more! You’ll get the job done faster and easier with just one product and your gear will be clean. Now get out there and enjoy the water!

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