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We don’t know where the year has gone but here we are in November getting ready for all the holiday fun that the rest of the year brings. Cue the prepping! It’s time to make lists, check them twice, and make sure that your Super Clean supply is fully stocked.

Super Clean’s degreasing and cleaning power will help you spend less time cleaning so you can spend more time prepping for your holiday meals. Super Clean will work in every room of the house to help you get ready faster and easier!

Kitchens and Cooking Areas

At the center of every holiday is the food – brunch, hors d’oeuvres, lunch, second lunch, snacks, dinner and desserts. All these meals require clean surfaces to prep, cook and serve. Before you go grocery shopping, get your kitchen ready with Super Clean All Purpose Cleaner.

Refrigerator Cleaning

Start by taking everything out of the fridge. Save yourself some double-duty by checking expiration dates and asking yourself if you’re really going to use that oyster sauce before it expires. Toss as much as you can. Once everything is removed, you’re likely going to see spills, onion peels, crumbs and all sorts of other things collecting on the shelves, trays and bins. Fill your sink with cold water and Super Clean. Remove any of those items that are removable and wash them in the sink. For anything that is stationary, you can use a cloth soaked with your Super Clean mixture to wipe it down. You’ll see that Super Clean will cut through everything from grease to juice, removing the buildup and even that red stain that every refrigerator seems to get. Rinse it all thoroughly, dry and put everything back in. It will be clean, organized and ready for your food without using a ton of elbow grease. When it’s all in its place, do one final wipe down of the outside with your Super Clean mixture to remove the finger prints and even the greasy, dusty mess on top.

This video from YouTube Channel, “Lynn White” shows how Lynn used Super Clean to deep clean her refrigerator. Follow along with her to learn her method for getting her refrigerator Super Clean!

Stove, Oven and Microwave Cleaning

Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser works great on all kitchen grease. It will work great on gas, ceramic, and electric stovetops, as well as make cleaning your oven and microwave much easier than using traditional oven cleaners. Begin by making sure all the cooking surfaces are as cool as possible. Super Clean works best that way! You can use Super Clean full strength by spraying it directly on the surfaces, avoiding the heating elements. You’ll see the grease start to run as soon as you spray it on. Allow it to sit for a few minutes (without drying) to penetrate the build-up making it easy to wipe it away. Follow with a rag with clean water to rinse it and you’ll be good to go.

Make sure you check out this great video from YouTube Channel “The Organized Farmhouse”. The video shows how she used Super Clean to clean both her microwave and her stove, Super Easy and Super Fast. She was thrilled with the results!

“Living with Cambreia” also used it on her oven glass in this video.

It’s vital that the window is clean and clear so you can see what you’re cooking without opening the door. Every time you open the door, you let out more heat and risk a cake “falling” or taking much longer to cook your food than you anticipated. Get that window clean with Super Clean!

Bakeware, Pots and Pans

Still shot of video with one baking sheet cleaned and one sheet dirty

That built up grease on some of your bake ware can be great for seasoning purposes but if it’s not supposed to be there or it’s getting too thick, it might be time to clean it with some Super Clean. Check out this great video from Barb on YouTube channel, “Ranch Life”, where she cleaned her baking sheet. It was covered in that yellow-orange baked on grease but once she used some Super Clean, it looked brand new again. Using Super Clean with cold water, spray the Super Clean on the surface, agitate with a brush or sponge to help work it in, then rinse it thoroughly. That’s all there is to it. You’ll be amazed at the results without spending a lot of time with steel wool and elbow grease. The difference is nothing short of amazing – they look like they are brand new!

And it will work on glass dishes too! Careful watching this video with the sound up. There is some expletive language – a powerful result elicits a powerful response!


Don’t forget about your bathrooms, garbage cans, carpets, floors…the list goes on and on. Instead of buying multiple products, save time and money with Super Clean! Super Clean is available at your local automotive retailer, Walmart in the Automotive section or online. To find the retailer closest to you, visit our Store Locator at www.superclean.com/locate-a-store.

To find the best concentration for the area you’re cleaning, visit our dilution chart.

Not seeing the surface you’re looking for? Contact our Customer Service department at 651-365-7590 or customerservice@superclean.com.




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