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Independence Day is upon us once again! It’s time to gather with family and friends to celebrate the independence of our great country and honor those that sacrifice and fight to defend our freedom.
With everyone together, you’re going to need to feed that group and many will opt to fire up the grill. Whether you’re Team Charcoal, Team Propane, or Team Smoker, Super Clean will help you prepare and clean your grilling surface super easy and super fast. You’ll be able to feed your crew with confidence and still have time to relax and enjoy the day!

Charcoal Grills

When it comes to the smells of summer, few things can compete with meat sizzling on a charcoal grill. It can take you back to the summers of your childhood, when charcoal grills were the standard. One of the reasons many celebrated the invention of alternative grills was the mess that charcoal can make. From the briquettes to the ash and soot they leave behind, the cleaning can take a long time. Super Clean cuts that time in half by cutting through the grease and grime on contact to make it easier to rinse away.

In the video below, “Root Boy Cooks !” on YouTube, shows you how he used Super Clean on his grill from top to bottom and everything in between. He starts by removing the smoke and ash from the surfaces with a plastic scraper, removing the ash pan so the residue could fall right through. Then he cleaned each surface, from the cover to the grates and even the ash pan with Super Clean Aerosol. The Aerosol foams up and begins breaking down the grease on contact. His kettle even has a built in cleaning system but it had so much build up on it that it wasn’t functioning well. After cleaning with Super Clean and giving everything a thorough, cold rinse, everything was “shiny like new!” You can even see the stainless steel on the blades once again.

Still frame of video of grill grates with Super Clean applied

Charcoal Grill – Root Boy Cooks !

Propane Grills

Propane grills provide easy prep so you can get your food cooking faster. But those burners, heating elements, griddles and drip pans still need a good cleaning to remove old burnt-on food and soot from previous cookouts. If your grill sits outdoors without a cover, it also collects all the dirt and grime from the air on the grease spots that can be difficult to remove. Super Clean will clean it all, faster and easier.

“Sassy Southern Shopper Mom” had a Charbroil propane grill that had sat out in the elements and was covered in pollen inside and out. This has been a common issue for people this year with pollen counts being so high and pervasive. The pollen and dust had settled on residual grease which makes it even more difficult to remove. But with her Super Clean in-hand, it was quickly cleaned and she was “blown away with how good it looks” afterwards. See for yourself here:

Still shot of video of Propane Grill with Super Clean products

Propane Grill – Sassy Southern Shopper Mom

For all you thrifters out there, Super Clean products can help you turn your grill thrifting finds into like-new treasures in minutes! “Pure Living For Outdoors” found a Pit Boss grill with a smoker and griddle to restore. The outside was pretty beat up with an unknown stain on one of the side tables as well as rust stains and old grease and grime. He put Super Clean to the test and found that years of dirt, grease and grime wiped away easily with a rag. All he did was apply Super Clean, let it sit for a few minutes and then wiped it all away. In minutes, Super Clean removed the stains and brought back the shine. Watch the video below to see how you too can restore your grill instead of replacing it!

Still frame of video of old propane grill

Propane Grill Restore – Pure Living For Outdoors


Smokers are all the rage right now. A quick spin through TikTok will give you recipes for everything from wings and ribs to dessert! These are mean machines that need a mean clean – Super Clean is the solution! Smoke equals soot and where there’s meat, there’s grease. Super Clean will clean it all.

The guys over at “Small Town Texas BBQ Burgers & Brews” used Super Clean Foaming Cleaner-Degreaser to “DESTROY” the grease and grime on their smoker. They used it all over on the inside of the door and the grates and, in the video, you can see the grease dripping off as it sits. A few minutes later they show the door and grates after they rinsed. What a difference! The grease buildup was gone from the surfaces, including the thermometer which looked almost new again!

Still frame of smoker racks with Super Clean applied

Smoker – Small Town Texas BBQ Burgers & Brews

Don’t forget your tools, accessories and your beloved “Kiss The Cook” apron! Super Clean will remove the grease and grime from all of those too.

Whatever you need to clean this summer, Super Clean makes all your tough-task cleaning super easy and super fast. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for more tips and tricks to using Super Clean. And check out our Dilution Chart to help you customize your cleaning solution!

Super Clean products are available at most automotive retailers, Lowe’s, Walmart and online at Walmart.com. Find the location nearest you today by visiting our Store Locator.

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