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The guests have been invited, your grocery list is ready, and you’ve got the butcher on stand-by. Then you can’t remember when you last cleaned the grill or smoker. Don’t panic! With Super Clean, your cooking surface will be ready for food in minutes. You’ll even have time to mix a pre-dinner cocktail!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a gas or charcoal grill, or prefer to use your smoker. Super Clean is the answer for removing the collection of grease, grime, food, dirt, pollen and even mold super easy and super fast!


Charcoal Grills

For those that love the taste of burger or dog that’s been licked by the flames from charcoal, they have the added clean up of ash and other remnants from the coals to deal with. “That Root Boy Cooks !” on YouTube cleaned his Weber Kettle Grill using Super Clean.

Starting with the cover, he uses a flat edge to scrape off the inside and wipes away the particles with a paper towel. It can look like the paint is peeling but that’s not the case. This is just the ash and soot clinging to the inside. Removing those loose pieces before hitting it with Super Clean gives the product a better surface to cling to. Using Super Clean Aerosol, he coats the surface fully and allows it to foam and sit on the surface for a few minutes. Almost immediately, you can see the white foam begin to brown as Super Clean penetrates through the soot and ash. He then uses a wet sponge to wipe it down and you can see a river of brown foam falling from the cover, taking dirt and grime with it.

Moving to the cooking surface, he scrapes the grates using a metal brush. When he sprays the Super Clean Aerosol on the grates, it coats each piece of metal and clings to allow for deeper penetration. After it sits for a few minutes, he scrubs them again with the wire brush and the shine starts to return immediately. A little water to rinse and they were good to go!

The kettle of the grill is where the real magic happens. This particular grill has a built-in bladed cleaning system where you can spin the blades to remove the ash build up. Those blades need occasional deep cleaning as the grease, oil and food particles collect and clog the areas where they are supposed to turn. This will also prevent flareups that will burn your food. He goes to work on the blades with his scraper to break up the chunks and spins them to remove as much of the ash as he can. Then, he uses the Aerosol to coat the inside of the kettle, scrub and rinse. He repeated this a couple of times as it hadn’t been cleaned in a while.

The end product from top to bottom was spic and span and ready for food! Check out the process here:

Still video of man spraying grill cover with Super Clean

Super Clean on Grill Cover



Gas Grills

Jennifer from “Farpoint Farms” put Super Clean to the test with a 3-year-old Weber Genesis Propane Grill. You can tell that it has sat outside awhile. It is covered in grease and grime from cooking, but also dirt, pollen and even a little rust on the stainless steel side shelf.

She begins her cleaning by spraying the Original Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser on the side shelf and lets it sit for a few minutes. She wipes it down with a microfiber cloth and then a paper towel. Super Clean easily removed the dirt and grime, as well as the rust spot – you can’t even see a remnant of it!

Next, she tackles the inside of the grill. Everything from the inside of the cover to the grates, flavor bars, deflectors and drip pans have residue on them. She removed the parts she could and hit the inside of the firebox and cover with Super Clean. After letting it sit for just a few minutes, she did just a light scrub and rinse and was very happy with how much reside was removed.

Off to the side, she sprayed down two of the three flavor bars with Super Clean. She just scrubbed and rinsed the third with plain water to compare how well Super Clean works. When you see the two she used Super Clean on compared to the third without, there’s no question of the power of Super Clean. Those two look nearly brand new while the third barely looks any different than when she started. She proceeds to clean the drip pan and that came out looking great as well.

At the end, the entire grill looks great and is shining again. As recommended, she fires up the grill afterwards to burn off any remaining residue. The grill is clean and ready to cook! Check it out here:

Still of video of propane grill with Super Clean bottle

Super Clean on Propane Grill



For our fans who love their smokers, Super Clean is for you, too! “The Smoking Beard” on YouTube uses both a grill and a smoker but doesn’t clean either of them very often. He wasn’t sure how well Super Clean would do. Spoiler alert: he was more than pleased with the results, even with reusing the solution for multiple parts!

He started by putting cold water in a plastic tub and added an entire 32 oz bottle of Super Clean to it. (Note: he probably added more Super Clean than he needed to. We recommend starting at a 4:1 ratio of 4 parts water to 1 part Super Clean. You can add more product as needed. However, as you’ll see, using more than needed in this case was not harmful to the grates.) He let the grates sit in that solution while he tried out the Aerosol on the grates from his BBQ pit off to the side.

For the BBQ pit grates, he generously sprayed one side of the grate and watched the foam begin to brown as it breaks down the grease. After a few minutes, you can see the foam dripping off of the grate, taking the grease and grime with it. He noted that the caked-on bits would need a little more attention with scrubbing, but the rest came clean easily with a brush and some water from the hose.

When he went back to pull the grates from the tub, you can see the water is very dark and murky. It’s all the grime that’s been removed during the soak. As he pulls them out, you can see they are already starting to show the shiny surfaces without any scrubbing. He scrubbed them a little more and hit them with the garden hose. The final reveal was grates that look like they came off the shelf at the store!

He then goes back to the smoker with the door sitting ajar. Before he starts cleaning, you can see that the door is completely covered in residue. So much so, that you can’t see anything through the window. Using Super Clean Foaming Cleaner-Degreaser, he sprays the entirety of the inside of the door in a good coating. It only takes a minute until you can see the fence in the background through the window. He goes in for a second round of spraying and it continues to break down even more grease and grime. Before he scrubs, he wipes an area with his gloved hand. It reveals that Super Clean has penetrated a large black streak that wipes away. After a third spray down, he wipes the surfaces with a paper towel. The metal is shiny and the window is clean and clear; all with very little elbow grease.

Finally, he decided to soak the drip pan from the smoker in the same tub of solution he used for the grates. Remember – the solution is already dark and murky from that cleaning. He wasn’t sure how well it would work on the pan, especially with the buildup of fats and grime. After 15 minutes of soaking he was able to clear away the extreme built-up, caked-on messes easily with just his hand! Nothing abrasive; just rubbed it off. He returned it to the solution to soak a little more and then rinsed with the garden hose. The pan came out shiny and clean. See his success for yourself in his video:

Still of video of man spraying smoker door with Super Clean

Super Clean on Smokers


Pit Barrel Smokers

Some BBQ masters have discovered Pit Barrel Smokers. Essentially, these look like old, metal garbage cans with grates in them for smoking. They work similarly to convection cookers. Those who use them, swear by them for quick, flavorful cooking. However, they are large and can be a challenge for cleaning.

“Meatthecook K” on YouTube put Super Clean to the test on his pit barrel. The barrel has been sitting outside in the elements. It not only had the usual mess you’d expect to find but the added challenge of mold on the top layer. Anyone who lives in a climate with big temperature variances is not surprised by this. He mentions that you can fire it up to clean it out, but decided to give Super Clean a try instead.

Using Super Clean’s Aerosol spray, he gave the entire inside a good coating and let it sit for about 15 minutes. When he comes back to it, the white foam turned entirely brown. Using a scouring pad, he begins to scrub at the foam and it takes several layers of grime off in a single swipe. Super Clean worked its way into the charcoal, smoke, ash, mold and even some of the surface rust. Once he had it all scrubbed and rinsed, he was very impressed with how Super Clean took everything off. The barrel was in cook-ready condition so quickly and easily. Watch the full video here:

Still of video of man spraying pit barrel with Super Clean

Super Clean on Pit Barrel

Ready for Guests in Minutes

“Hitchin Mitch” from YouTube had neglected his grill for quite some time and had people coming over that afternoon for a cookout. Instead of panicking, he reached for the Super Clean. Before he even started on the grill, he decided to give his hat a little cleaning using the Super Clean spray. He stated that he wears his hat all the time and is constantly touching it with dirty hands. He sprayed one side of the hat with Super Clean and left the other half to show just how well Super Clean removed the dirt and grime to get his hat clean quickly!

For the grill, he followed the same processes the other folks used. He cleaned the grill super easy and super fast. At the end of the video, he notes that he was very happy with how well Super Clean worked in a short amount of time with very little scrubbing. The grill turned out “pretty fantastic”. See it all for yourself, here:

Still of video of man spraying grill with Super Clean

Aerosol on Propane Grill


Super Clean can also help you clean with your other outdoor cleaning. Use it on your patio, outdoor furniture, toys, playsets and more as you prepare for your guests this holiday weekend. Check out our website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages for more tips and tricks to using Super Clean and save yourself time and money.

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We wish all our Super Clean Fans and Customers a very Happy Independence Day!


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