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The beginning of September marks the unofficial end of summer and beginning of fall. Students are heading back to school, parents are getting back into a routine after the summer chaos, and things seem to settle down in anticipation of winter. But farmers are gearing up to harvest their fields. It’s time to clean and prep the machinery so it’s ready to work. Super Clean helps get those tasks done super easy and super fast!


Every farmer relies on their tractors and heavy machinery for a multitude of tasks. They do a lot of tough task work in the fields resulting in a build-up of dirt and grime on top of the fuel, grease and oil. That build-up can be tough to remove. But, Super Clean is formulated to breakdown the grease and oil on contact to make it easy to rinse away.

YouTube Vlogger, “RSM Stuff”, set out to find the dirtiest thing he could to put Super Clean to the test. His tractor hadn’t been cleaned in at least six years with lots of dirt, grime and grease on it. He sprayed the dirtiest areas soaking them with Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser. After it dwelled for a few minutes, he rinsed it off with a garden hose. When he rinsed, you could clearly see the clean part where he sprayed Super Clean and the part where he didn’t was still very dirty.

He did a second application. This time he sprayed Super Clean Aerosol on some of the same parts, as well as the grill screen, engine block, and the John Deere emblem to see what it would do. As it soaked, the Super Clean foam turned brown from breaking down the dirt and grime. Another quick rinse with the hose was all it took to reveal the beautiful green color and emblem underneath. He continued to test Super Clean in other areas with great results all without scrubbing. Check out the video here:

Still frame of video cleaning tractor with Super Clean


Prep Cleaning

The guys over at YouTube channel, “Tractor Tech”, applied Super Clean on an old tractor that they’ve been refurbishing. They wanted to remove the old dirt and grime before doing the rebuild. In the before shots, he showed several areas with dirt and grime build-up all over the machine. He’d used Super Clean in the past so knew that it would get the job done. He began by spraying it down and let it sit for a few minutes before using a brush to work the product into some of the dirtier areas. As he brushed, you could see how Super Clean penetrated the dirt and grease “making this job way too easy.” He rinsed it off with a garden hose and it all disappeared as soon as the water hit it. In his words, Super Clean delivers “excellent results with minimum effort.” See for yourself in this video.

still frame of video cleaning tractor with super clean

Tractor Rebuild

Fertilizer Spreader

Tractors aren’t the only hard-working machines on the farm. Fertilizer spreaders are commonly used but present a new host of cleaning challenges. There are many small parts in the spreader vanes and fertilizer residue to remove. “K&H Tractors” channel decided to see how Super Clean did compared to their usual method of soap and water. He started by mixing Super Clean with some water in a hand pump sprayer bottle to make spraying the large surfaces a little easier. He soaked the entire area with the mixture and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, with just a spray nozzle on a garden hose, proceeded to rinse it all off. It did a great job on the cone but still needed a little more cleaning done on the spreader.

He sprayed the spreader vanes again and turned on the PTO spreader to really get the product in all the nooks and crannies. (You can see it spray off the vanes when it turns on.) When he finished, he mentioned that Super Clean did a great job of removing the fertilizer residue, which can sometimes leave a white film on the surfaces. He concluded that Super Clean did a better job than soap and water and quickly too. Then all he needed to do was reapply lubrication and the spreader was ready for the next use. Watch the process in his video:

Still Frame of video cleaning a fertilizer spreader with Super Clean

Fertilizer Spreader


Having a generator on-hand ensures that you have power when and where you need it. But, like all machines, the inevitable dirt and grime build-up over time can compromise the machine’s performance. Cleaning should be done regularly and Super Clean can help with that tough-task. “CallMeColt” on YouTube purchased a 1988 military surplus generator that sat for over 20 years without being cleaned. The “caked on oil and fuel would take a lot of elbow grease to remove without the right product. He reached for his Original and Aerosol Super Clean to see how it worked. After just one application, to his surprise, it easily rinsed away. He applied a little more to the areas with a thicker build up and again, Super Clean delivered. Check out that vintage unit and how well it cleaned up here:

Still frame of video of cleaning Farm Equipment with Super Clean


Coops and Pens

Super Clean not only cleans machines but can also help with animal pens and coops. It’s biodegradable, phosphate-free and, when rinsed thoroughly, leaves no residue behind, so is safe to use! “Hale Family Homestead” showed just how well it worked by using Super Clean on their chicken coop. It’s a task they only do twice a year so it’s a big job. From droppings to feathers, dirt and grime, this is no easy task. But Super Clean helps break down all of the sticky grime from the walls, windows, floors and boxes making it far easier and faster to wipe, spray and rinse away. The difference is astounding! Watch the process and their fabulous results here:

Still frame of video cleaning coop with Super Clean

Coops & Pens

These videos offer just a few ideas of how Super Clean can make all your farm cleaning super easy and super fast with just one product! You can discover more uses by visiting our YouTube page or our website, superclean.com.

Stock up on Super Clean at your local automotive retailer, Walmart, Lowe’s and online at Walmart.com. Our Store Locator will help you find your nearest location.

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