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Colorful, falling leaves, cooler temps, apple picking and pumpkin spiced everything. Love it or hate it, Autumn has arrived! It’s time to clean and pack up the outside in preparation for the winter months ahead. While the tasks can seem daunting, Super Clean is here to help you get them done faster and easier than ever! Here are a few tips from some folks on YouTube to get you started.

Siding and Shutters

The summer winds and rains have left a dirty, grimy film on the outside of your house. But cleaning it has never been easier. All you need is a power washer and Super Clean to get your house looking great again.

This video shows you how to use Super Clean Foaming Spray with a brush to clean and brighten your shutters super easy and super fast!

Still frame of video cleaning shutters with super clean

When cleaning the siding, you want to work in small sections at a time so you can clean and rinse thoroughly before the product dries. Spray the area with cold water then apply Super Clean with your power washer. Agitate with a brush and then rinse with clean, cold water. Super Clean is biodegradable and phosphate-free so it won’t harm plants or vegetation near the house!

Lawn Chairs, Tables and Umbrellas

If your patio furniture has taken a beating this summer, don’t throw it out – clean it with Super Clean! Super Clean Fan and YouTuber, “TL Bell”, found some older chairs that had been in storage in one of his outbuildings. He had a variety including plastic, fabric and vinyl weave. Before throwing them away, he went to work on them with his Super Clean and was amazed at the results. Check it out here:

Still frame of patio furniture to clean with super clean

Another fan and YouTuber, “RickMakes”, shows how he cleaned a deck box and a grimy patio chair in this video:

Still frame of patio box being cleaned

It removed the mold, dirt and grime in minutes with just a quick brush and a garden hose.


After all the summer BBQ’s, grills get a buildup of grease, oil and burnt food on the grates and a thick layer of soot on the cover. Don’t risk a fire! Clean it fast and easy with Super Clean. This video shows you the steps to getting the job done so your grill is ready for safe fall grilling in minutes! Start with a completely cooled grill and make sure to have a brush and garden hose handy. Spray Super Clean directly on to the grates, scrub and rinse, or get a tub and put some Super Clean in the water to soak the grates. Allow Super Clean to sit for a few minutes, scrub the areas of buildup and then rinse clean.

Still frame of video of cleaning grill with Super Clean

To clean the hood or cover, follow the same steps. Spray the Super Clean on, scrub and rinse off thoroughly. When you’re done with all your cleaning, put your grill back together and fire it up to burn off any excess. Your grill will be clean and ready for your next meal in no time!

Garbage Cans

Even with the most deliberate attempts to keep your garbage contained in bags, you’ve no doubt accumulated some pretty nasty build-up at the bottom. Add in some summer heat and you’ve got a hot mess in there. Super Clean will help you keep your cool by removing that nastiness with less scrubbing. It will be fresh and clean once again. Check out the quick and easy way to clean your garbage cans in this video:

video still of cleaning a garbage can

As you can see, Super Clean tackled all these messes with ease. There’s no limit to the items and areas it can clean! To find out how to change the concentration for virtually any surface, check out our dilution chart at www.superclean.com. You can click on the purple beaker on the right side for a quick reference, or download the PDF to have it on-hand wherever you are!

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