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While Super Clean has many uses as an all-purpose cleaner, its cleaning-degreasing power continues to thrive in automotive uses. Since 1978, Super Clean has been a long-time favorite in automotive shops to remove grease, oil, dirt, and grime. Automotive detailers just starting out can find seasoned veterans on YouTube demonstrating how they use Super Clean products in their business. Our products work great and save customers time and money.

Several detailers have found that using Super Clean isn’t limited to just degreasing the engine. It can be used on many parts of the car, which helps them use one product in many areas. This allows them to carry fewer products with them to get the job done. Full strength or diluted, Super Clean is a powerful cleaning solution that works super easy and super fast.

Car Tires

Traffic film, tar, dirt and dust quickly build up on a car tire, leaving it brown, dull and can compromise its integrity. Regular, thorough cleaning removes the build-up which keeps it functioning efficiently and looking good. Luke Wilson of YouTube channel “Wilson Auto Detailing” demonstrates how he uses Super Clean Aerosol on tires. The Aerosol has a precision spray nozzle to spray the product only where he wants it, and the product foams up like shaving cream so it sticks to the sidewalls for more dwell time. You can see how Super Clean goes to work on contact and pulls the browning from the tire making it easy to scrub and rinse away. Check it out!

Video still of man cleaning tire with Super Clean

Door Jambs

Door jambs need grease to keep the hinges working smoothly as you open and close the door. But that grease also attracts dirt and grime, which can cause the hinge to become tacky and not glide as smoothly. The challenge with door jambs is that they are small areas with a lot of nooks and crannies. Super Clean Aerosol is the perfect solution for cleaning those areas. Scott from YouTube Channel “Dallas Paint Correction and Auto Detailing” shows how he uses Super Clean for this very purpose in this video.

Video still of door jamb with man holding can of Super Clean

Interior Door Panel

The interior door panel of the car takes a lot of abuse. It gets kicked, grabbed and rubbed against as you get in and out of the car. It’s also exposed to the outdoor elements every time the door is opened. The combination of these causes it to get super dirty and grimy, and needs special attention when cleaning. Oscar, from YouTube channel “Detail Groove”, uses the Original Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser for this task. With a concentration of 10:1 (10 parts water to 1 part Super Clean), it’s powerful enough to remove all the dirt and grime but gentle enough to use on virtually any material that panel is made of. See how he does it in this video:

Video still of interior panel of car door being cleaned

Floor Mats

Shoes carry all sorts of germs, dirt, mud, and grime. All of it comes with them into your car and gathers on your floor mats. Super Clean breaks down the sticky build-up, and whatever sticks to it, to make it easier to scrub and rinse it away.

For fabric mats, Andy, from YouTube channel “Andy’s Auto Care Plus”, sprays Super Clean at a 4:1 concentration. He works it in with a drill brush and rinses with a pressure washer to get the job done. Watching the rinse is oddly satisfying as the dirt and grime runs down away from the mats, leaving them looking great. Watch his cleaning method here:

video still of dirty floor mat

Super Clean also works well on rubber floor mats. The nice thing about rubber mats is not having to deal with the matted fibers that can trap the dirt. In this video, James at YouTube channel “AutOdometer” uses Super Clean full strength to attack some disgusting rubber floor mats.

Video still of dirty rubber floor mat being cleaned

Car Seats

Car seats become dirty over time as they continually come into contact with the people who sit on them. The oils from skin, hair and greasy food crumbs can be tough to remove. However, fabric seats are easily cleaned with Super Clean and an upholstery cleaner. Use some Super Clean on a rag for spot treatments. Most people don’t realize that Super Clean also works on leather or vinyl seats. In this video from Oscar over at “Detail Groove” he shows how he uses Super Clean diluted 10:1 to clean leather seats. Super Clean is a degreaser, so it may also remove the natural oils in the leather. We recommend following up with a leather conditioner and keep the seat supple.

Video Still of car seat to be cleaned


For more ideas on how to use Super Clean, visit our YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperEasySuperFast and check out our playlists. You can search by product type or the area you’re looking to clean. Our dilution chart is available online at www.superclean.com for easy reference and if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, contact our Customer Service department at customerservice@superclean.com or call 651-365-7590.  One of our experts will be happy to assist you.

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