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Super Clean’s reputation in the automotive world is nothing less than stellar. Slowly but surely it is also gaining popularity in the home cleaning world as well. Many homemakers on YouTube are realizing the power of Super Clean to make chores around the house go faster easier so they can spend less time cleaning and more time with their families.

That said, Fall is quickly approaching (insert sad face here) and it’s time to start getting your outdoor living spaces cleaned up before the temps drop, along with the rain and, eventually, snow. Enter Super Clean! Whether you’re cleaning your well-used deck or patio, or prepping the grill or lawn mower for winter storage, Super Clean is an essential tool in helping you get these items not just clean but Super Clean!

Decks and Patios

Take a look out there. What do you see? Chances are whatever you’re looking at, whether it’s furniture, toys, planting pots, concrete or even your siding, Super Clean can help you get all of it clean and ready for storage. The method is pretty much the same for all these items. Wet the area to be cleaned with cold water from the hose then spray it with your Super Clean. Allow it to sit without drying for a few minutes then scrub with a stiff-bristled brush on the really dirty spots to loosen and lift the grime. Finally, rinse it thoroughly with the hose. Super Clean is biodegradable and phosphate-free so you can do your cleaning on the grass and not worry about harming your vegetation.


Grills have lots of nooks and crannies in which grease and food particles build up, not only collecting dirt and other particles from the air but can catch fire and unexpectedly cook your food in ways you don’t want it to. This is where Super Clean Aerosol can work its magic! The Aerosol has a precision sprayer combined with a foaming action that stays where you spray it so you can pin-point the areas you want to clean super easy and super fast.

Step 1: Take those grates and put them in the grass. (Super Clean won’t harm your lawn!)

Step 2: Spray the grates with cold water from the hose.

Step 3: Spray the Super Clean Aerosol foam all over the grates and allow them to sit for a minute. (You can watch the grime as it melts off the grates while you wait.)

Step 4: Use your brush to scrub the build-up off.

Step 5: Rinse thoroughly with the hose again.

Once you’ve tackled the grates, you can use the same process to clean inside the hood and the belly of the grill, including the heating elements on gas grills. (You may want to remove those and clean them in the grass, like you did with the grates.)
After everything has been cleaned and rinsed thoroughly, put it all back together. The next time you use it, allow the grill to heat and sit for a few minutes to burn off any residue you may have left behind before you cook your food.

Lawn Mowers

You have given that mower a good workout this summer, so now it’s time to give it a little TLC. When you look underneath the mower where the blades run, you’ll see the buildup of grass clippings, stains, dirt and goodness knows what else. Scrape off larger chunks and then hit it with the hose. Spray the entire area with your Original Super Clean and let it work its way down to the bottom. It will break up the dirt, grime and grass and you’ll see it loosening and falling off the mower. If you have a power washer, even better! The pressure from the sprayer combined with Super Clean’s power to break it all down will mean less elbow grease for you and a cleaner mower in the end. Rinse it thoroughly with water and repeat if necessary until it is clean. After you’ve cleaned the underside, set it back upright and attack the top of it in the same fashion. You’ll be amazed at how well it works in so little time.

We’d love to hear how Super Clean helps you with your cleaning. Share your success stories here!

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