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Great stuff!

I found out about Super Clean from Certified Shadetree on YouTube. He gave it a thorough review so I decided to try it out myself and I’m so glad I did. It’s definitely very heavy duty and isn’t afraid to tackle the most dirty messes. I decided to use some in my...

Awesome product

Bought after seeing on Fasterproms YouTube page. Bought to use on my boat. Cleaned amazing, took the dirt and grime out of the non slip flooring with ease. Will become my go to boat cleaner

Super clean degreaser

I’ve. Owned this hat for 32 years of sweat and oil this is a pic of before and after I’m just so greatfil to restore my special Harley Davidson hat just ecstatic about it thank you I rate it a 500 wonderful product thank you

Awesome products!

Super clean has amazing products! Just as there item’s say, dissolves grease super easy and super fast. They couldn’t put it any planner. There super clean wheel cleaner cleans and shines as bright as a silver dollar. The degreaser you can spray on and...
Infatuation Overload

Infatuation Overload

Ok guys I’m gonna let you know about this product I found while watching YouTube! I was looking for easier ways to clean my arch nemesis, my vent hood in the kitchen. I absolutely hate cleaning it, it’s always a horrible ordeal. So I bought this product, Super Clean....

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