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Typical dilution rate full strength



Please refer to packaging for safety tips and usage recommendations before cleaning.

  1. Spray Super Clean on cool engine
  2. Wait 3-5 minutes
  3. Brush especially grimy areas (if necessary)
  4. Rinse off with water



You don’t want to see a greasy mess when you open the hood of your car or truck, do you?

A clean engine makes it easier to spot trouble areas like broken gaskets and oil leaks. And it makes a world of a difference to the performance and durability of your vehicle, as well as its resell value.

A clean engine can cool more efficiently, and slows down the wear on the bearings and pulleys. There is less chance of dirty particulates getting into the filter as well.

Skip the elbow grease and wimpy cleaning products. There’s no better heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing formula like Super Clean degreaser for car engines.

How do you degrease your car engine parts?

Start by removing any debris trapped in the hood, grill, or vent openings. Then, cover any exposed wiring, as well as sensors, distributor, and spark plug openings. Then use Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser at full strength — no need to dilute with water. Let Super Clean do its work for a few minutes and hose it off.

Because of the heavy-duty, concentrated formula, you don’t need to start the car and run the engine to melt accumulated grease and oil. A few pumps of our degreaser-cleaner will melt it away.


Dirty engine before using Super Clean.


Clean engine after using Super Clean.

Dilution Chart


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