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With the trees nearly bare, winter is soon to follow. You’ve enjoyed the lovely summer months in your boat but it’s time to get it ready for storage until spring. In the past, this has likely involved hours of scrubbing with harmful chemicals like muriatic acid. It’s time to ditch the old ways and let Super Clean make the job super easy and super fast!  Both professional detailers and anglers to weekend warriors have created some YouTube videos to help us show you how to get your boat clean and ready for storage. Get the job done in less time with less elbow grease with Super Clean!

Boat Decks

Cleaning your boat deck takes some special attention. You want to make sure you’re cleaning, buffing and waxing properly without leaving a slippery surface. Drake, from “Drake’s Detailing” outlines the steps for doing just that. He starts by cleaning with Super Clean to remove all the dirt and grime build-up, plus it removes old wax so you have a clean surface to start with. Check it out here:


Still shot of video of boat deck being cleaned with Super Clean

Boat Decks

Boat Carpet

Boat carpet can really be a pain to clean, especially those that have a lot of fibers that trap the dirt and grime. But Super Clean goes to work on contact to break down the dirt and make is easy to rinse away. Even stains from food, drinks and bait keepers are no match for Super Clean’s powerful formula. Super Clean sponsored Pro Angler, Vince Hurtado, shows just how quickly and easily Super Clean works for cleaning his boat carpet in this video:

Still shot of video of boat carpet being cleaned with Super Clean

Boat Carpet

Boat Seats

When cleaning your boat seats, it may work best to remove them completely. It will give you the flexibility to clean the tops, as well as underneath and the areas where the seat poles insert into the floor. After cleaning them, make sure to apply a conditioner to keep the vinyl supple and prevent cracking. Tom Hankins shows how he cleans his seats in this video:

Still shot of video of boat seats being cleaned with Super Clean

Boat Seats

Scum Lines on the Hull

It’s hard to take pride in your boat when scum lines run the length of the hull. But Super Clean Pro Angler, Alex Klein knows that using a little Super Clean right when you come off the water helps to remove that scum quickly and easily. Maintenance cleaning like that also makes the end of the season clean up faster and easier. See how he does it here:

Still shot of video of boat hull being cleaned with Super Clean

Boat Hull

If you leave your boat in the water all season, that scum line could be a little more work to remove. Many boat owners are familiar with products like muriatic acid, but Super Clean’s All Wheel Cleaner provides a biodegradable and phosphate-free alternative that works better and is easier on the environment. Our All Wheel Cleaner removes the dirt, grime, algae and water staining with less scrubbing and more effective cleaning as shown in this video:

Still frame of video showing All Wheel Cleaner on Boat Hull

Wheel Cleaner on Boat Hull


After your boat is cleaned, don’t forget to the trailer too. Super Clean will remove grease build-up on the winch, dirt, grime and algae from the rails or bunks, and it will clean your wheels too! For an extra shine, use our All Wheel Cleaner on the rims to keep it looking sharp. In this video, Tom Hankins shows how he uses Super Clean to do a thorough cleaning job on his trailer wheels:

Still shot of video showing boat trailer tire being cleaned with Super Clean

Boat Trailer

Boat Cover

Don’t put a dirty cover on your clean boat. Super Clean also works great on canvas. Lay the cover on the grass, spray it down with some water and Super Clean. Use a brush to scrub out grease and grime in any areas that are especially dirty and rinse it clean. Once it’s dry, you’re ready to cover the boat and put it in storage for winter. Then, when the ice is off the water and the warmer days return, you’ll be ready to be back on the lake or river in minutes!

Other Boat Items To Clean

Super Clean is truly an all purpose cleaner. You can also be used on things like your fish locator, battery compartment, fishing gear and water toys. Just change the dilution to customize a cleaning solution for virtually any surface you want to clean. Check out our Dilution Chart for more information. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call our Customer Service department at 651-365-7590 and one of our experts will be happy to assist you!

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