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What do Super Clean fans love besides our fantastic cleaning products? Our Super Clean hats and shirts! And now, you can get those super easy and super fast too!

Still frame of video of clean wheel
Super Clean Products – “Chad Mees”
still frame of video of person wearing super clean hat and shirt
Super Clean Apparel – “Heavens Gates Cherry Farm”

Fans have seen our items on YouTube videos, social media posts, and out at our events. Now, Super Clean has (finally) opened a virtual Shop on our website, superclean.com, where you can browse and shop our Product Packs, Apparel, and even Banners to be shipped for free right to your house!

3 bottles of Super Clean
Super Clean 3-Pack
Super Clean, Aerosol, and Wheel Cleaner
Variety Pack – Original, Aerosol, Wheel Cleaner

Product Packs

Our Super Clean Product Packs have a variety of options to get three of them in one easy shipment. You can get the Original Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser, the Foaming, Aerosol and All Wheel Cleaner, as well as variety packs with a mix. Now you can find them all in one place and have them delivered to your door.


Two guys wearing Super Clean Hats
Super Clean Hats – “Bad Company Racing”
Guy wearing super clean hat and shirt holding Floor Absorbent
Super Clean Hat and Shirt – “Fasterproms”

Our shirts and hats have long been fan favorites, but were typically only available by winning them at an event or calling in to our office to order. Now you can them online, as well as our Super Clean Hooded Sweatshirt! And, if you go to an event where Super Clean has a booth, wear your Super Clean apparel and you could score a free bottle of Super Clean to take home!

Shirts – The t-shirts are available in purple or grey colors, in adult sizes small, medium, large, XL, 2XL and 3XL. They are a great cotton t-shirt sporting the Super Clean logo screen printed on the front.

Super Clean Purple T-Shirt
Purple T-Shirt
Super Clean Grey T-Shirt
Grey T-Shirt

Hats – We have four different hats available, all are trucker style with a mesh backing. There’s the traditional purple front with white mesh, camouflage front with black mesh, camouflage front with the American flag mesh and a grey front with American flag mesh. All hats have the Super Clean logo embroidered on the front.

Super Clean Purple & White Hat
Purple & White Hat
Super Clean Camo & Black Hat
Camo & Black Hat
Super Clean Camo & Flag Hat
Camo & Flag Hat
Super Clean Grey & Flag Hat
Grey & Flag Hat

Hooded Sweatshirt – Our hooded sweatshirt features a full-zipper front, pockets and drawstrings for the hood. The Super Clean logo is screen printed on the front left, with a full logo print on the back. They are great for throwing on an extra layer on those chilly nights at the track, or wherever you are!

Super Clean Hooded Sweatshirt
Super Clean Hoodie



Man holding Super Clean banner with product in front on table

Super Clean Banners – “Straight Outta Content”

If you’re looking for some wall hangings, a Super Clean banner would make a great addition to your shop, garage, or wherever you want to hang them. There are two sizes available – a large banner that is 3’ long by 8’ wide featuring our logos and tagline, and a smaller 2’ x 3’ banner that sports just the Super Clean logo. Banners come with grommets along the sides for easy hanging and removal.

Check out the new Shop and get your Super Clean products and apparel today!

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