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Super Clean Tough-Task Cleaner Degreaser has deep roots in the automotive industry. Professionals and weekend warriors alike have come to rely on Super Clean as a staple in their cleaning arsenal. It’s used for everything in and around the shop – whether for general cleaning or to make cleaning a large grease or oil spill. Super Clean makes any cleaning task super easy and super fast so you can spend less time cleaning and more time working.

Engine Degreaser

Car engine being degreased with Super Clean

By far, the most popular use for Super Clean is degreasing engines. Whether you’re doing a maintenance clean or degreasing a 20-year-old engine for the first time, Super Clean begins to cut through the built-up grease, oil and debris as soon as it’s applied.

This video from YouTube Channel, “Detail Darren”, offers a thorough explanation of the process and shows the amazing results when he uses Super Clean to degrease the engine of a Mercedes Benz.


Wheel being cleaned with Super Clean

Second only to degreasing engines, is Super Clean’s ability to clean tires. It breaks down the traffic film, dirt and debris that gather on the rubber. In this video from YouTube Channel “Andy’s Auto Care Plus” he uses Super Clean Aerosol with its precision spray. The Aerosol allows you to spray only what you want to clean. Super Clean’s degreasing agents go to work immediately to break down the browning on the tire. (Notice how the white foam turn to brown in seconds.) For especially dirty tires, a brush can be used to work the Super Clean into the grooves and tread for a more thorough cleaning. Rinse completely with cold water for a clean, black tire.

Follow up with Super Clean’s All Wheel Cleaner on the rim to remove remaining brake dust and dirt and get a brilliant shine!

Door Jambs

Door jamb with hand holding Super Clean Aerosol

Door jambs are an area of the car that are often neglected. Take a look the next time you get into your car. You’ll see that there is likely a build-up of black grease and grime that can cause your door to become more difficult to open and close.

Even if you’ve never cleaned them before, they’re still no match for Super Clean. In this video from YouTube Channel, “Wilson Auto Detailing”, Luke Wilson shows how he uses Super Clean Aerosol, a toothbrush, and a garden hose to clean “incredibly dirty” door jambs super easy and super fast. The foam goes to work on-contact to break down the black dirt on the white door jamb. Even in one pass, Super Clean made a noticeable difference removing the bulk of the mess.

Later in the video, Luke also uses the Original Super Clean diluted 5:1 in the door jamb on the back on the car with more fabulous results. Whichever product you choose, Super Clean gets the job done.

Door Panels

Inside door panel on car

While the door is open, look at the door panel and arm rest. Door panels take a lot of abuse from being kicked open by dirty shoes to the arm rests and door handles that absorb the natural oils and grease from your skin. You’ll often see a black grease-like build-up on those areas that collect the dirt, dust,and grime.

Oscar Gill, from YouTube Channel “Detail Groove”, made this video showing how he uses Super Clean diluted 10:1. With a few brushes and clean towels the door panel is clean and looking great in minutes. As he states, “it’s not hard” and, with the right tools, the job is done quickly. The panel doesn’t even look that bad but watch when he shows the towel covered in black when he wipes away!

Floor Mats

Rubber Floor Mat on ground with bottle of Super Clean

Floor mats are probably the most-often cleaned item in your car. When you think about all the stuff your shoes come into contact with, remember that those items end up on your floor mats. Dirt, mud, leaves, snow, salt, animal droppings and more collect on the mats. It’s no wonder they are disgusting.

Whether they are rubber or fabric mats, using Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser will remove the dirt and grime better than using a regular detergent or water. The degreasing agents go to work to break down the grime that’s buried in the fibers or grooves.

In this video from YouTube Channel “Homeowner Repair”, Tony shows how he cleans rubber mats using our Original Super Clean. As you can see, he simply sprays the Super Clean on the mat, allows it to dwell for a few minutes and then rinses all of the dirt and grime away with a garden hose.

For fabric or especially dirty rubber mats, you may want to use a stiff-bristled brush to agitate the areas before rinsing. This helps work the Super Clean into the dirt and stains, and makes it easier to rinse away. Using Super Clean Foaming or Aerosol sprays are great options for mats. The foam covers more surface area so you get better coverage with less spraying.

General Interior Cleaning

Car seat with can of Super Clean Aerosol

It’s easy to run the car through the local car wash. But, that means that the inside of the vehicle remains untouched and, let’s face it – that’s the gross part. It’s where you and your passengers spend your time. With kids, pets, dinners on-the-go, and all the living you do in your car, help keep the interior clean with Super Clean products.

Mrs. Farrington is a YouTube Vlogger with a busy life and family so she he did a motivational video on how to clean your car interior with Super Clean. Start by removing the loose items from the floors, seats and cup holders either by hand or using a vacuum. Then, using Mrs. Farrington’s tips, use your Super Clean to clean every surface. From the dash to the cup holders, the seats, seat belt straps and don’t forget your steering wheel – Super Clean cleans it all! A rag with some Super Clean spray gets the job done quickly and easily so you can get back on the road on the way to your next event, appointment, or adventure!

Don’t waste any more time or money on products that require energy for a fraction of the results. Get yourself some Super Clean and get back on the road with a clean, great-looking vehicle faster!

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