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Sunshine, patio or deck, barbecue, friends and family – put them all together and you’ve got the makings of a fantastic summer shindig! Whether it’s a small dinner party or a large hoopla, Super Clean can help you get your party prepping done super easy and super fast. Clean your driveway and sidewalk to the deck and patio, even the furniture and grill to get your party site ready for guests.

Driveways and Sidewalks

The welcome begins as soon as your guests arrive at your house. Make sure your driveway and sidewalk are free from debris, including grease, oil, mold and algae stains. Super Clean attacks it all to help make it easy to wash away.

Danny, from YouTube channel “Lanier Lawn Care”, showed just how easy it can be and the impressive results. He used Super Clean and a pressure washer on a concrete sidewalk that wrapped the house. Some of the areas were black with dirt and grime. But when he was finished, they looked like new. Check out this oddly satisfying video here:

Still shot of video of pressure washer cleaning concrete

If you don’t have access to a pressure washer, you can use Super Clean, a hose and a garage broom to get similar results. Spray the area down with cold water, spray on some Super Clean and let it sit a few minutes. Work it into the concrete with the garage broom, and rinse with the hose. Concrete or asphalt will be clean and impressive in no time. Then clean the patio or deck the same way!

Outdoor Furniture

Dirty, grimy tables and chairs will make your guests less inclined to make use of them. Use Super Clean to make them more inviting! Super Clean will break down the dirt and grime to reveal the beauty beneath on white plastic, camping chairs or fancier furniture pieces.

Some people use the white plastic chairs for a few seasons and opt to replace them when they get gross. But Super Clean saves you money by renewing them to their former glory. Tony, from YouTube channel “Homeowner Repair”, shows just how easy it is in this video:

Still shot of video of cleaning plastic chairs

Rick, from YouTube channel “RickMakes”, used Super Clean to clean his plastic deck storage container and his mesh seat and metal patio chairs. Super Clean made a huge difference removing all the dirt and algae! Check out his results in this video:

Still shot of video of cleaning deck storage box


Bar-B-Ques, Grills and Smokers

Before you prepare the main course on your BBQ grill or smoker, you want to make sure your grill is clean and free from build-up from previous meals. Nothing ruins a party faster than when the greasy build-up catches fire and burns the meat. You could spend hours scrubbing and scraping that mess or you can get it done quickly with Super Clean. Super Clean begins to breakdown the grease and oil as soon as it’s sprayed on everything from the grates to the cover.

Take the grates and put them in the grass to spray them down with Super Clean. Super Clean is biodegradable and phosphate-free so it won’t harm your lawn! Let it sit for a few minutes, use a scrub brush to agitate the areas with build-up and rinse clean with the hose. Use Super Clean Aerosol to spray the inside of the cover for less dripping and more dwell time. Then scrub the grime and rinse it with water. Your grill will be ready to cook in minutes!

If you have a smoker, check out this video from Mandy with YouTube channel “Living In The Mom Lane.” Mandy had a smoker that was in desperate need of cleaning and decided to give Super Clean a try. Super Clean worked wonders on everything from the glass door to the racks and inside walls. See the instant power of Super Clean for yourself here!

Still shot of video of cleaning a smoker

You can also use Super Clean on your grilling utensils, grease spots under the grill and even on your clothes.

Super Clean is your all-purpose party prepping (and clean-up) solution. It’s available at major automotive retailers, Walmart, Lowe’s and online at Walmart.com. Find the location nearest you by using our Store Locator at www.superclean.com/locate-a-store and get partying today super easy and super fast with Super Clean!


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