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Summer time means it’s time to get on the water with your boat. Get it all prepped and ready for the water with your Super Clean! Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser in the Original spray, Foaming spray and Aerosol help you tackle cleaning all the parts of your boat super easy and super fast. Our special formula is biodegradable and phosphate-free to be tough on dirt and grime but easy on the environment.

Hull Cleaning

The first thing people see on a boat is usually the hull. It’s also the part of the boat that gets grimy and gross from the algae and dirt it comes into contact with in the water. That nasty dirty scum line can be difficult to remove. But Super Clean will break down that dirt, grime and even the traffic film it picks up while driving down the road, making it easier to rinse away.

Super Clean Sponsored Pro Angler, Alex Klein with the Wild West Bass Trail, loves using Super Clean for just this purpose. In this video, he shows just how easy it is. Just spray Super Clean on and wipe away with a cloth.

Still shot with play button of man spraying super clean on boat hull


You can also do this with a garden hose or pressure washer. Working in sections, spray the Super Clean on, agitate areas that have more build up and rinse off with the hose. The grime will fall away.


Boat Seats and Carpet

Boat seats and carpet take a beating with all the in-and-out of the boat, lake and river water, sunscreen, food crumbs, spilled drinks – you name it. Fortunately, Super Clean can clean it all!

Tom Hankins, who fishes the Super Clean Sponsored American Crappie Trail, recently did a video on how to clean your boat seats with Super Clean. All it takes is a few sprays and then wipe it clean. Check it out here:

Still shot with play button of video cleaning boat seats


To clean the boat carpet, follow the same steps shown in this video from Super Clean Sponsored, Vince Hurtado with the Wild West Bass Trail:

Still shot with play button of spraying super clean on boat carpet

Super Clean will remove stains left from fish blood and guts, water conditioners for bait, and even cheesy fingerprints. Simply spray and wipe away!


Swim Platforms, Slides and Ladders

Keeping your boat’s swim platforms, slides and ladders clean is a matter of safety as well as looking good. Some cleaners can leave a residue that can make these surfaces slippery and could cause accidents. But Super Clean rinses clean and doesn’t leave any residue behind. Scott, from YouTube channel “Dallas Paint Correction”, demonstrated cleaning a swim platform and shows just how easy it is in this video:

Still shot with play button of video of cleaning a swim deck


Boat Trailers

While you’re getting everything else cleaned, don’t forget about your boat trailer. All the water grime and mud builds up on the rails, wheels and rollers and the dirtier they are, the harder it is to launch and trailer the boat. Super Clean works to remove all the build-up and keep your trailer working the best it can. Tom Hankins demonstrated using Super Clean on his trailer in this video:

Still shot with play button of cleaning boat trailers video


Water Toys

The possibilities for using Super Clean are endless. Moldy, dirty float toys? Super Clean them. Tow ropes with dirt and grime? Super Clean them. Green on your life jackets? Super Clean them! The more you use it, the more you’ll find that Super Clean really can make all your cleaning super easy and super fast!


Super Clean products are available at your local automotive retailer and Walmart in the Automotive Section. Find the store nearest you by using our Store Locator at www.superclean.com/locate-a-store today!


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