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Attention Anglers!! Whether you’re fishing professionally or recreationally, you have a variety of tackle and equipment to make your trips more successful. Add Super Clean to the mix to keep it all clean and working great. Super Clean’s powerful formula makes cleaning up and maintaining your equipment super easy and super fast so you spend less time cleaning and more time on the water catching fish.

Boat Decks

Boat decks are likely the first thing that yourself and onlookers see. They also take the brunt of most of the dirt, grime, fish slime and more. A dirty deck is also an unsafe deck so keep it clean with Super Clean! The folks at “i.am.remy” YouTube Channel showed how they use Super Clean after a hard day out on the water in this video.

Still frame of video cleaning boat deck with super clean

i.am.remy Boat Deck Cleaning

The deck had a lot of dirt and grime on the white surface, making it look dingy and gross. Watch as he simply sprays the surface with Super Clean and uses a brush to work it in. As he brushes, you can see how the grime lifts away quickly and easily.


Do you keep your fish fresh by putting them in a cooler? By the end of the day, that ice chest is likely filled with fish slime, blood, and other gross things from the fish. Use Super Clean to remove all of that, along with the fishy odor! YouTube channel “South Florida Saltwater Fishing” recently reviewed Super Clean products and showed how they simply add Super Clean to the remaining water at the end of the day to make cleaning a breeze. Check out their video!

Still frame of video cleaning cooler with super clean

South Florida Saltwater Fishing


Anglers know that keeping your boat hull clean is not only necessary to keep your boat looking good but to also remove residual algae or other plant life that could cross-contaminate bodies of water and spread invasive species. While Super Clean does not harm vegetation, applying it to the hull will break down the dirt and grime that the vegetation is clinging to, making it easier to make sure you get it all off.

YouTube vlogger “Eric Hunter” recently put Super Clean to the test on his boat hull and had “shocking results!” It removed an algae line stain that was over 3 years old and he had tried several other cleaners. Super Clean removed it in seconds!  See it for yourself here:

Still frame of video cleaning boat hull with super clean

Eric Hunter Hull Cleaning

Any Grimy Surface

There are so many areas in and around your boat and trailer that have lots of nooks and crannies where the dirt and grime collects. “JThompsonFishing” on YouTube shows how he tackles all those areas with Super Clean in this video.

still frame of video man holding can of super clean

JThompsonFishing Surface Cleaning

And don’t forget your lures and rods! Super Clean works great on cleaning the handle on your rods, even cork. Just spray a little on a rag and wipe it clean. If your tackle is getting grimy, revive the colors on your lures by putting them in bucket of Super Clean and water for a few minutes. Rinse them clean and you’re ready to fish.


The best part about Super Clean products is that they are biodegradable and phosphate-free. So they are tough on grease and grime but easy on the environment. So you can keep your gear clean without harming the fish or the vegetation.


Super Clean products are available at most automotive retailers, Lowe’s, Walmart, and online at Walmart.com. Use our Store Locator to find the retailer nearest you!

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