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Following a wet spring and hot, humid summer, Fall is on our doorsteps signaling that harvest time is here. America’s farmers have a lot of work ahead of them and having clean, properly working equipment is key for efficiency. Super Clean’s powerful formula is made to cut through the grease, grime and cleaning time. Spend less time cleaning and more time gathering crops and tending to the livestock. This month, we are featuring some of the best uses as professed by the farmers themselves.


Tractors are a necessity on the farm. They do a number of different tasks and often log more time than the family car this time of year. But they are also champion dirt and grime collectors. Tractors are infamous for springing leaks and have a lot of exposed parts where the leaks fall and then attract the grime from the fields. It gets baked on by the sun and the heat of the engine. Cleaning that stuff is typically a time consuming, back breaking job with a lot of scrubbing. But Super Clean cuts through it to make cleaning super easy and super fast!

General Cleaning

While keeping the tractor clean isn’t high on a farmer’s priority list, it is an important part of machine maintenance. The buildup of grease and grime, especially on and around the engine, can insulate the engine and cause it to retain more heat. This makes the engine run less efficiently and can increase the speed at which parts wear down and then need to be replaced or fixed more often.

“RMS Stuff” on YouTube wanted to put Super Clean to the test on the dirtiest thing they could find and so they chose their John Deere tractor that hadn’t been cleaned in years.  There was grime, grease, and oil everywhere. They started by spraying just certain parts with Super Clean Aerosol and letting it sit for a few minutes before rinsing with a garden hose.

When then went to rinse, you can clearly see the parts that had Super Clean applied rinsed clean while those that didn’t were still coated in black. He went back to the parts he didn’t spray the first time to finish them up and also included the grill guard/screen and the John Deere emblem, just to see what it would do. That screen was BLACK prior to cleaning but once the water hit it for the rinse, you could see the green color once again. The emblem came out so bright and shiny it looks nearly new. He didn’t expect Super Clean to take everything off but stated “it did a pretty dang good job!” And all without scrubbing!

Check out the video for yourself: General Cleaning On The Farm

Cleaning a tractor engine

Super Clean On Tractor Grate

Leaking Seals

YouTube Vlogger “PolkaDot Farms” put Super Clean to the test on this. They have a 1984 Ford 3910 tractor that had a PTO shaft with a leaking seal, that had been leaking for a couple of years. The tractor itself hadn’t been cleaned for a while before that so the grime was on top of old grime and completely baked on by the heat.

They started by spraying the area with a garden hose to remove the loose materials before spraying it down with Super Clean Foaming Cleaner-Degreaser. As soon as he applied the Super Clean, he noted that it was already starting to “break stuff away.” After allowing it to sit for a few minutes, he just rinsed it with a garden hose and was “thoroughly impressed” with how quickly Super Clean worked. Spending less time cleaning means he could get back into the fields even faster!

This tractor also had an injector pump leak. Before working on fixing that leak, he wanted to clean the area so he didn’t get the diesel fluids on him. Again, he used the same process. Super Clean not only really cleaned the area, but revealed the bright blue color with all the grease and grime removed.

The leak had also gone onto the floor in the storage area so he decided to try out Super Clean’s Floor Absorbent on it. He just shook some of the product on the fluids, let it sit a bit, and swept it up with his gloved hands and a piece of cardboard. Super Clean soaked it all up in minutes, even after it had sat for a while.

Check out his video here: Leaking Seals

Still of man cleaning tractor seals with Super Clean

Super Clean on Leaking Tractor Seals



Tractor Wheels

“Florida Fence & Land” on YouTube also put Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser to the test on their tractor. They were pleased with the results as well and on a whim, decided to test out Super Clean Wheel Cleaner on the tractor tire rims while they were at it. Most people don’t worry about cleaning tractor tires. But they were so impressed with how well it worked on those dirty, grimy rims, they also went and cleaned their truck rims too!

Check out the results for yourself here: Tractor Wheel Cleaning

Cleaning Tractor Wheels

Super Clean on Tractor Wheels



Tractor Engine Block

The folks over at “TheHeavyWrench” were working on rebuilding a cylinder engine block on a John Deere Tractor. They speculate that the bearings on the block are from 1973 and have likely never been cleaned before. They wanted to get the unit free from dirt and grime before restoring and repainting it. So, they turned to Super Clean to give it a try.

He sprayed part of the block with Super Clean Aerosol and the other part with Super Clean Original Cleaner-Degreaser so he could compare them. He commented on how well he liked the sprayer on the Aerosol and you can see how the product foams and clings to the sides, nooks and crannies of the unit. After applying the product a few times, he hung the block outside to do so scrubbing and then the rinse. Once it dried, there were some spots where the buildup of grease and grime was more substantial and were missed in the scrubbing. However, he took a flat-edged scraper and then a soft-bristled brush to them and they flaked right off! His response: “Man, that Super Clean does work pretty decent!” With several decades of build up cleaning up so easily, this was definitely a win.

See his process here: Cleaning An Engine Block

Cleaning A Tractor Engine Block With Super Clean

Cleaning A Tractor Engine Block With Super Clean



Fertilizer Spreaders

Tractors do a lot of heavy-lifting, but many farms have a host of other equipment including fertilizer spreaders. “K&H Tractors” decided to test out Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser on theirs. Fertilizer spreaders present the unique challenge of needing regular cleaning after use to remove the residue from the fertilizer. If it sits on the machine too long, it with cause it to rust quickly. Additionally, it is very sticky stuff that clings and doesn’t remove well with water. The guys at “K&H Tractors” commented that they’ve used other products in the past but they usually leave a white residue behind. They were eager to see how Super Clean would perform.

He focuses specifically on the “hopper” of the spreader, as that’s the part that really gets the dirtiest. Using a solution of 1 part Super Clean to 1 part water, he used a hand pump to make it easier to apply. He sprayed the outside of the hopper completely with the solution and allowed it to sit for a few minutes, and then rinsed it off with a garden hose. Not only did Super Clean remove the remnants of the fertilizer but it also removed some of the white film that other products had left behind in the past. He mentions he wishes he would have had Super Clean a long time ago!

See the full video here: Degreasing A Fertilizer Spreader


Cleaning A Fertilizer Spreader With Super Clean

Cleaning A Fertilizer Spreader With Super Clean


Livestock Pens, Stalls & More

Livestock have their own category of tough-task cleaning needs from their living spaces to their feed accessories, and those can take a long time. You also need to be careful to make sure that any chemicals used won’t introduce any hazards to them. Super Clean’s water-based, biodegradable and phosphate-free formula is certainly powerful but doesn’t leave behind any residue, making it a great option to get the job done quickly, easily and safely.

Lisa from “Lisa Goodwin DIY” has a great video showing all the things she used Super Clean for in cleaning her horse barn. She tried it on everything! The water tanks – Super Clean removed all the algae and other buildup. Her feed buckets had slobber and grime, but Super Clean made fast work of cleaning those. The stall mats in front of the hitching post are covered in a sorts of residue from foot (and hoof) traffic. Super Clean worked!

Equestrian Uses

Lisa also has horse jumps in her arena. The rails had sat over the winter and were really dingy. She diluted some Super Clean with water and used a rag to apply the product and wipe them down. They look fantastic.

She was having such great results, she tried it on more items. The stall wall where her horse likes to put his food on the wall to eat it. Super Clean cleaned it. The manure fork which looked like it might need to be replaced. Instead, it was just really dirty. Super Clean did such a great job you could see the colors on the tines again. Tack and grooming trunks? No problem. Super Clean handled it all and made fast work of some really dirty chores.

Check out Lisa’s channel here: Equestrian Cleaning

Still of video of woman spraying horse pen pads with Super Clean

Still of video of woman spraying horse pen pads with Super Clean


Whatever your cleaning needs are, Super Clean has a product that will let you spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you love. But don’t just take our word for it – check out these channels and we’ll let them speak for us!

Super Clean is available at most automotive retailers, Walmart and Lowe’s in the Automotive departments, and online at Walmart.com and superclean.com. Find the location nearest you by using our Store Locator at www.superclean.com/locate-a-store. If you haven’t purchased it before, make sure you download a rebate coupon good for 50% back on your purchase. You can find the coupon on our home page at superclean.com. Just click the red button at the top!


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