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SuperClean is making a difference in the lives of our consumers, and here’s a perfect example! These photos were sent in by a dad who hasn’t cleaned the interior or exterior of his Ford Excursion in 15 years.

His kids have gone through the car with messy snacks, muddy shoes, and sweaty sports gear. Their family has taken road trips across the country and the car has weathered all kinds of storms that we get in the Mid-West, from crawling through blizzards to trekking through mud puddles.

For a dad this busy, cleaning the truck isn’t always a first priority. He found a few hours to get to work and was amazed at how quickly SuperClean was able to wipe away all the dirt and grime that had been living in the truck for years.

With SuperClean, you can get the job done from the seats to the dashboard to the rims to the engine. Check it out!

*Caution- be careful how you use water on the engine- clean off with a rag and not a hose.

That’s a SuperClean truck!


Dilution Chart