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Farmers do big work with big machinery. And with all the dirt and mud that they work in, those big machines make big messes. Our friends in the farming business are quickly learning that Super Clean helps make those big clean up jobs super easy and super fast. Super Clean is specially formulated to lift the grease, grime and dirt to make it easy to wash away in minutes, so you can spend less time cleaning your machinery and more time using it.

Field Machines

At harvest time, farmers have a lot of equipment they put to work to collect their crops from the fields. From combines to balers, these machines do a lot of heavy lifting and work to get the jobs done. It’s no secret that a clean machine will work better, faster and more efficiently. From the engine to the blades to the wheels and even inside the cab, Super Clean can help get that machine ready for the next field.

Removing Built Up Mud, Dirt, Moss and Muck

Most farm machinery is parked and stored in outbuildings, sheds and barns. This means they become covered in dust, dirt, cobwebs and even moss. Before heading out to the field, farmers like using Super Clean because it can be used to get the entire machine clean without needing multiple products.

Check out this video from Josh Draper, known as the “Stoney Ridge Farmer” on his YouTube Channel. Josh used Super Clean Aerosol to clean the moss and lichens, as well as the dirt and dust from his John Deere tractor and bailer. Our Aerosol provides precision spraying to get the cleaner where you want it and keep it away from the surfaces you don’t.

Grease – A Necessary Mess

Farmer with hand on one of three bottles of Super Clean on tractor front


To keep the machinery running smoothly, you’ve got to have grease. In the engine, the hitches, the wheels, all of them need to be greased. But that grease attracts dirt and grime and can build up quickly causing problems. Fortunately, Super Clean is a degreaser, made to emulsify and break down the grease making it easier to rinse away the build up with less scrubbing. This video from farmer, Mike Price, of YouTube channel “mikep7810”, shows how he uses Super Clean on the O-rings that were leaking because of the build-up. He was very happy with the results and how easy it washed away.

hand holding super clean aerosol in front of metal machinery on tractor


Another farmer, Chris Guins from YouTube channel “letsdig18” had a hose bust loose on the back of his tractor and it sprayed grease all over including the windows and intricate connections on the underside. Watch how he uses both the Foaming spray and the Aerosol to apply the Super Clean to all the surfaces. He let it sit for a few minutes and hit it with the power washer. While he did use a brush on the windows, he did not use it on the metal with all the nooks and crannies – just sprayed it with the power washer and it “ate away all the oil!” Super Easy. Super Fast!

Old Messes? No Problem

YouTuber “Soybean Farmer” had never attempted to remove the grease and grime that had built up on the PTO shaft or the two remotes on the back of his tractor. So, he put Super Clean to the ultimate test in this video. He applied a “liberal application” of Super Clean on those parts and rinsed it off. He ended up doing a couple of applications and scrubbed a little on the dirtiest areas, but it cleaned and degreased it well enough to show off the bright green that had been dwelling underneath.

Once he did that, he decided to do another video where he tried it on the hydraulic oil cooler. He had noticed the temperature gauge was running a little higher than he’d like so he hit the cooler with the Super Clean Aerosol and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinsed it clean. No scrubbing! The difference was not only amazing to the eye but helped his machine to run cooler.

Big or Small – Super Clean Cleans It All!

Whether it’s a big farm machine or a smaller one like a lawn mower, Super Clean is the answer for quick and easy cleaning. It’s available at most major automotive retailers and Walmart in the Automotive Department. Find the store closest to you by visiting our Store Locator at www.superclean.com/locate-a-store. For even more convenience, purchase online.

Want more ideas on how Super Clean can make your cleaning faster and easier? Visit our Applications page or check out our videos on YouTube!

Super Clean saves you time and money. Get yours today!

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