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Superclean Aerosol Cleaner-Degreaser 17 Ounce

Super Clean Aerosol Cleaner-Degreaser
17 ounce

Bring super easy, super fast cleaning to the next level. Super Clean is available in a convenient aerosol can with a precision spraying nozzle so you can target the cleaning power on your greasiest, grimiest messes with the touch of a button. Super Clean Aerosol foams when you spray, exactly where you want it without drips or spills. Super Clean Aerosol lets you work less so you can play more.

Super Clean Aerosol is available at Ace Hardware stores and can be ordered ahead for next day in-store availability at NAPA Auto Parts. Find a location near you using our Store Locator.


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Super Clean Aerosol Cleaner-Degreaser, 17 oz

You’ve got the power of Super Clean at the tip of your finger. Cut through grease, wax, and gunk with the fast-acting Super Clean Aerosol Cleaner-Degreaser. Our heavy-duty, multi-purpose aerosol spray degreaser and cleaner dissolves gunk and grease without leaving any residue. Super Easy. Super Fast. That means you work less and play more.

Grease Be Gone

Ideal for engine cleaning, this special degreaser formulation lifts horrendous dirt and grime “baked” onto metal. Super Clean Aerosol can be directed exactly where you want to clean, so it’s easy to avoid electrical parts that must stay dry. With the same powerful formula as the Original SuperClean Cleaner-Degreaser, this product delivers a high-pressure foaming stream to target the cleaning area. The aerosol foam sticks to the area to allow the cleaner more time to thoroughly penetrate dirt and grime, making tough spots even easier to wipe away.

It cleans on contact and is easy to rinse. Ideal for use on nearly any type of surface including metal, flooring, and hoods, the product cleans even the greasiest and grimiest messes with the touch of a button.

Super Clean is one of the most powerful and safe cleaning products on the market. This super cleaner-degreaser is biodegradable and phosphate-free.

Minimum Drips and Spills

The aerosol Super Clean Cleaner-Degreaser also allows you to use ample amount of solution precisely where you want it, without spills or waste. It’s much easier to control the concentration of the spray, as well as the volume you want to apply.

Super Clean Aerosol Cleaner-Degreaser is so much more than an ordinary spray cleaner-degreaser. This is cleaning to the next level.

Find a store near you or shop online for our Super Clean products today.


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