How to Use Super Clean for Outdoor Tools | SuperClean Brands
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Any outdoor tool that has nuts, bolts, screws, chains, blades or a gas tank will need some serious cleaning every spring, fall and a few times in between.
With clean tools, your job will be less of a chore and more like a hobby.
Cleaning also extends its life by removing moisture-laden, rust-enhancing soil from the steel surfaces. For Items with a sharp edge, a good cleaning job keeps rust from eating the edge away.
SuperClean Brands brings you a complete line of cleaner-degreasers for outdoor tools. The products are ideal for use on BBQ grills, tools, and lawn mowers. Follow our guide below to know how to use SuperClean cleaner-degreaser for each outdoor tool.

  • BBQ Grills – Grilling burgers and dogs, with a beer in hand — what’s not to love? The cleaning that comes after, that’s what. But with the SuperClean degreaser-cleaner, you might even begin to look forward to the cleanup. The grill completely cleans by just spraying, rinsing and wiping dry. Grates can be cleaned by spraying full strength or soaking in a dilution of one part SuperClean and one part water.
  • Tools – Tools, such as screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, and wrenches, have special manufacturer warnings and cleaning recommendations. Go over the instructions before spraying or soaking SuperClean on your outdoor equipment.
  • Lawn Mower – It’s easy to clean grass debris and ground-in grime off the blade and body of your lawn mower. Brush loose grass away from the ventilation slots to avoid overheating and fire hazards. Then hose down your mower, and spray on SuperClean. Let the formula do its work for a few minutes, lightly brush if necessary, then hose down the entire lawn mower and wipe dry.

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