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There are many fantastic ways to enjoy grilling and BBQ-ing this summer, but don’t forget about that meat smoker sitting in your garage, just waiting to be used!

One of our SuperFans uses his meat smoker multiple times each summer. And while the results taste amazing on a hot summer’s day, it does leave quite a mess, especially after repeated uses.

Inside of clean smoker with bottle of Super Clean

Soap and water just won’t cut the buildup you see in this photo and most cleaning products would have you spend an entire afternoon scrubbing away only to remove the first layer of gunk. But SuperClean will help you get the job done, super easy and super fast.

Make sure your smoker is completely cool. Spray SuperClean directly onto the surfaces, inside and out. Wait 5-10 minutes and give it a light brushing if necessary. You’ll cut the grease and grime without even breaking a sweat. Rinse well, let it dry and fire it up to burn off any excess product.

Summer is short. Let SuperClean do the work, while you enjoy smoked ribs, ham, turkey and more with family and friends.

Dilution Chart